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If asked, companies in the energy sector will typically declare their objectives to be improved profitability, efficiency and product quality. OilPro’s mission is to provide effective and reliable oil and natural gas production equipment so companies can achieve exactly that: quality, efficiency, and profitability.


OilPro, founded by Olav Cramer – President, Mike Adams – Chief Financial Officer, and a silent partner, successfully lived this mission within the energy industry over the last 20 years, earning them a reputation based on trust. Located in Calgary since its formation, the company purchased its first corporate space in southeast Calgary five years ago. However, OilPro reaches beyond its Calgary base with a network of international partners across continents that continues to grow. The company developed a business model that smoothly conforms to the ebbs and flows of the industry without opening and closing locations by utilizing owned, vendor and partner storage space to accommodate their clients’ needs.


In short, OilPro supplies a line of surface equipment for oil and gas production. Their strategic inventory of long lead items consists of tanks, pressure vessels – such as treaters/FWKO’s, separators, line heaters, slug catchers and Flare Knock Outs, Stirling Engine[LH1]  and conventional generators, and compression equipment. An essential complement to OilPro’s equipment is the Eco1st Separation Enhancer[LH2] , a solid-state, chemical-free demulsifier and wax remover, used to help enhance separation in oil production and water disposal batteries.


Eco1st Separation Enhancer