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Over the years, OilPro staff have worked with Canada’s most talented and respected engineers in the oil and gas industry. Through these relationships, OilPro has benefited from technical experience, knowledge, information and practical application for some of the most challenging projects. The following articles are OilPro’s insights into some of these learnings. Get our perspective on equipment, advances in technology, and solutions to overcome various challenges.

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This will help us get you the right lineheater unit: Please provide us with the following: oil flow rate, specific gravity water flow rate, s.g. gas flow rate, s.g. inlet temperature desired outlet temperature Operating pressure, design pressure H2S, CO2 present? Composition available? Location unit is going (required to ensure unit complies to your jurisdiction

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Building a tank battery, or adding a tank, container, or even just a pop tank or Flare Knockout Drum to an existing facility? The Alberta Energy Regulator updates Directives guiding how liquids are to be stored on sites. These cover petroleum industry use and containment for: Above ground tanks underground tanks containers oily waste bulk

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Matching a genset to power needs is critical to making the right purchasing decision. Prime or Standby power applications have different criteria. Factors to consider are: Single or three phase kW KVA AC or DC or both required? Standby or motor starting duty required? Maximum step loads required? Grid tie-in required, or is this for

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Designing a tank?

by Olav Cramer

Consider the points made in this LinkedIn presentation made by Mr. Amir Razmi, in his article Guides for Storage Tank Nozzles Orientation. Mr. Razmi covers areas such as: Manway orientation Inlet/Outlet nozzle Draw-off nozzle Sampling Nozzles Level Indicator/Control Nozzles Venting and Safety Valve Nozzles Mixers Heaters Fire Fighting Nozzles