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Remote site, small (5-7kW) gas- fired Stirling gensets.

OilPro's Generator lineup includes larger diesel and natural gas-fired versions.

To help us size for your application please visit this page. Off Grid advantages of using the OilPro-packaged Qnergy Stirling Engine powered SmartGen:
  • lower cost of power
  • You can now power stranded wells in remote locations
  • Excellent savings versus Diesel or Propane using wellhead gas
  • available on short notice
  • no waiting for utility hook up
  • eliminate transmission charges
  • no sunken power line costs
  • royalty-free gas if used for power generation
  • fuel gas system can be built to clean sour gas
  • maintenance free engine for 80,000 hrs and sheduled maintenance for peripheral equipment.



APHG150 Gaseous Generator
RATING: 125kW Prime (Natural Gas); 115kW Prime (HD5 Propane)
ENGINE: International Harvester IH466 7.6L in-line 6, 1800 RPM, spark ignited, wet
cylinder liners, […]

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5-7 kW remote, reliable power generation.
This design has proven itself to NASA as a reliable power source on the Mars rover since 2010.
It is now available as a fully-integrated genset at a […]

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