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OilPro's Generator lineup includes larger diesel and natural gas-fired versions.

We specialize in remote site, small (5-7kW range) gas- fired Stirling gensets

To help us size for your application please visit this page. Advantage: The world’s largest manufacturer of free piston, maintenance-free Stirling engines; The “SmartGen” Stirling engine remote power system.Easily the best economic alternative for continuous power vs reciprocating/rotating and chemical/solar power solutions with economics far exceeding the above (once maintenance is taken into account) within 1.5-2 operation years in the 150 W-30 kW range power solutions.
  1. Runs on natural gas or propane, wellhead, pipeline or vent gas
  2. 15 year life expectancy – continuous operation
  3. 1 hr per year maintenance cycle – no oil or mechanical linkages present
  4. 5500 Watts + @240 VAC  output, as  well as 12/24 VDC available on all units
  5. Simple installation and commissioning
  6. Low capital and extremely low operational costs (typically paid for itself in 2 years and only $ 1k maintenance/yr on average.
  7. Specifically designed for remote, unattended sites
  8. Proven operation from desert to mountain top to other planets! How challenging is your remote site?
  9. Uninterrupted power supply, convert waste gas to electricity and heat
  10. Usable excess heat for: Instrument air power, utility heat, heat tracing, tank heating, building heat (combine with glycol space heater), Propane tank vaporizing, freeze protection, reduces flaring volumes.

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