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Instrument Air

OilPro offers the following air solutions:

New, grid powered turn-key, new (flow rated per CAGI/Pneurop/ISO 1217:Annex C site conditions) and new/used surplus as available.

We specialize in remote location greenfield and brownfield instrument air solutions with the Qnergy CAP3 systems, powered by the most reliable engine in history, the -40C cold start rated Stirling engine which runs on any fuel gas from untreated, dry wellhead gas(up to 1,000 ppm H2S), or propane.

In Canada these systems are available in Nano (3 CFM at skid edge + at least 3,000 W): F, (fully housed) and M (external access enclosure) with both M and F models providing 11 SCFM at skid edge + at least 1,000 W).

All systems are certified to your jurisdiction, sized properly (Flow corrected for site conditions, after dryer purge) with technical support including ongoing parts and service from our service partner.



Design Basis:
Ambient Temperature (avg range)
-14.5 deg C to +34.2 deg C
Indoors - Worst Case +34.2 deg C
Area Classification:
General Area […]

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Instrument Air skid
Engineered to supply 30 cfm in normal operation
Capable of handling sustained peak demands (63 cfm) for up to 30 minutes with metered storage.
With this proposal, we are […]

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Package - engineered to supply 16.5 cfm in normal operation,
without any requirement to add a dry tank for metered output.
While this package again features a (smaller) skid extension that […]

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Powerex Simplex Vertical Tank Mount compressor,
Skid Mounted with Air Treatment

Engineered Skid:
40" x 36" Open steel c/w forklift pockets

Prep and Paint:
Per standard […]

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Trident Dryspell Plus 5
5 CFM heatless desiccant dryer, with pre and after filter.
Simple dryer with a guaranteed outlet dew point of -40 deg C.

Flow : 5 […]

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