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A virtual power pole when and where you need it.

OilPro represents Qnergy in Canada. Qnergy is the world’s largest manufacturer of free piston, fixed frequency Stirling engines. The Powergen is designed to create remote stand-alone power.

The PowerGen includes the no-maintenance Stirling engine with a life expectancy of 10 years of continuous operation. It will provide AC or DC power up to 5650 Watts. There are no oil changes or rebuild cycles like an internal combustion engine. The external combustion system burns natural gas very thoroughly, allowing for a predictable permit process. This system provides line quality power at your site without waiting on the electric company or having right-of-way issues. The Qnergy PowerGen Stirling engine is perfect for Cathodic Protection; mainline valve sites; Telecom and SCADA. An available 5650 Watts means you still have power left over to allow for AC heat trace in colder climates with a controllable heat supply ratio of 2.5 - 3.5 times the amount of power produced.

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Qnergy PowerGen 5650 Remote Power Industrial Application
PowerGen Description:
Qnergy's PowerGen is a thermal-powered generator suitable to meet remote power
needs utilizing virtually any […]

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