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200 Year Old Technology Keeps Potent GHG’s Out of the Atmosphere

Providing renewable, reliable, resilient power through free-piston Stirling Engine technology.

OilPro, Canadian distributors for Qnergy (q-ner-gy), presents the perfect solution to cathodic protection for pipeline systems. ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) is a tried method for protecting pipelines from galvanic corrosion. PowerGen is the leader in maintenance-free generators for the 1.2 to 5.65 kilowatt range. PowerGens use a free-piston Stirling Engine, recognized by NASA as the most reliable generation technology in history. For energy companies, we offer superior reliability and environmental performance along with a notable reduction of methane emissions at a much lower price but with greater resilience, output flexibility and efficiency. OilPro offers an essentially maintenance-free system to help maintain and monitor gas transmission lines in the most remote locations, Because the internals are selad, we only recommend a visit abut once a year versus conventional systems requiring frequent maintenance. When paired with our live SmartView system, we provide immediate reports on the system’s operational status for peace of mind. Several hundreds of PowerGens are now installed across Mexico, the US and Canada.


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