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Since 1997, OilPro has developed relationships with key equipment suppliers and manufacturers and established partnerships with many vendors and engineering firms including:

LIftPlus improves and enhances production using a simple, rodless pump with only 2 moving parts. The pneumatically energized pump operates at downhole pressure plus ~50 psi to actuate the pump.

Unfazed by deviations or up to 85% inclination allows for deeper insertion into a payzone improving reserves along with volumes. Expect 25% CapEx, up to 90% OpEx savings on Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP’s) in addition to eliminating electric power and carbon credit recovery while updating gas lift to a 50%+ more efficient system; or eliminating rod pump rod strings and surface equipment maintenance without the hangups or gas locking.

Reduce GHG, power needs, gas consumption, emulsion or sand issues. Take advantage of infinite turndown while maintaining up to 1,000 m3/d production capacity and adjustability for any viscosity fluid with proven runtime of 7+ years.


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