Over the years, OilPro staff have worked with Canada’s most talented and respected engineers in the oil and gas industry. Through these relationships, OilPro has benefited from technical experience, knowledge, information and practical application for some of the most challenging projects. The following articles are OilPro’s insights into some of these learnings. Get our perspective on equipment, advances in technology, and solutions to overcome various challenges.

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Some things just don’t ship well across the ocean. Oilfield storage tanks are really just light, big bags of air, and so, it is difficult to justify shipping low-pressure, low cost storage tanks across the ocean. The shipping costs tend to exceed fabrication costs. So what to do when your client says “but I really

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Until recently, tank owners were left to their own devices to figure out how to deal with important tank-related issues such as handling a potential fire and emission-related concerns. But as time has gone on, not only were technologies developed to help you with both questions but governments increasingly make sure you do with new

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Our “MRU” process (Micro Refrigeration Unit) Liquid Stripper deals with heavy ends and conditions gas to make clean fuel gas or injectable gas. A Micro Refridge unit with a small footprint to recover liquids from wet gas coming off storage tanks, treaters, or other waste gas destined for flaring. The remaining conditioned gas delivers a

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Our “VET” process (Venturi-Ejector Technology)works with new or existing tanks down to low pressures, recovers liquids and cleans up smoky flares,   Adds to the bottom line in multiple ways: Recover & sell as oil, condensate, or improve oil API Reduce emissions/ stay under permit limits Receive carbon credits to offset or trade Venturi /

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Vent gas mitigation is a term that those in the oil & gas sectors should expect to hear more about moving forward. It’s a subject that is facing increased regulations including in Canada from the federal Government. Vent gas mitigation refers to the process of reducing or eliminating the release of harmful gases from vents

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OilPro is Canadian distributor for Qnergy’s PowerGen, the reliable choice to provide electrical power for your mission-critical applications in remote environments regardless of the weather conditions you face. Replacing traditional generators, PowerGen offers a number of high level advantages to owners: Can run on multiple fuel sources including natural gas, propane, ethane, biogas and multiple

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