Over the years, OilPro staff have worked with Canada’s most talented and respected engineers in the oil and gas industry. Through these relationships, OilPro has benefited from technical experience, knowledge, information and practical application for some of the most challenging projects. The following articles are OilPro’s insights into some of these learnings. Get our perspective on equipment, advances in technology, and solutions to overcome various challenges.

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Some things just don’t ship well across the ocean. Oilfield storage tanks are really just light, big bags of air, and so, it is difficult to justify shipping low-pressure, low cost storage tanks across the ocean. The shipping costs tend to exceed fabrication costs. So what to do when your client says “but I really

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OilPro distributes bolted tanks for Superior Tanks like the one shown here. We’ve exported to places as far away as Nigeria and Albania so we can assist globally. Bolted tanks are an excellent fit in places where qualified welders aren’t available or unwilling to travel, or timelines simply don’t permit the design of an API

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Saltwater disposal (SWD) in the oil tank sector refers to the process of managing and disposing of the wastewater, which contains high levels of salt and various contaminants, produced as a byproduct of oil and gas operations. This wastewater, often referred to as “produced water,” can pose significant environmental and operational challenges if not properly

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We’ve spoken about the benefits of Innopipe, our inline gas separator and piggable drip system that removes 99% of liquids from pipelines. Below, we’ll discuss a case study illustrating just how Innopipe benefits natural gas producers. The problem: One of Canada’s largest gas production companies had both amine and glycol carry-overs liquids from their process

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  During our recent trip to ADIPEC, it was evident the global energy industry is committed to reducing carbon emissions intensity per produced barrel. We discussed a number of options OilPro offers with customers from all over the world and noted their interest. One option we discussed at length is the gas to electric SOLARIS

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With many of the current emissions reduction incentives, remote sites are increasingly preferentially powered by solar with battery systems storing the gathered energy. Generators are there only to bridge the power gap during extended overcast or shorter days. Calgary’s OilPro and SCADALink jointly developed the SOLARIS product to be the best CSA-certified oilfield option for

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