Over the years, OilPro staff have worked with Canada’s most talented and respected engineers in the oil and gas industry. Through these relationships, OilPro has benefited from technical experience, knowledge, information and practical application for some of the most challenging projects. The following articles are OilPro’s insights into some of these learnings. Get our perspective on equipment, advances in technology, and solutions to overcome various challenges.

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Some things just don’t ship well across the ocean. Oilfield storage tanks are really just light, big bags of air, and so, it is difficult to justify shipping low-pressure, low cost storage tanks across the ocean. The shipping costs tend to exceed fabrication costs. So what to do when your client says “but I really

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One problem that natural gas suppliers need to deal with is the issue of water, hydrocarbon condensates, chemicals and other liquids in natural gas lines. How do you deal with this problem currently and is it something you’re struggling with? The good news is Innopipe from OilPro was designed to solve this exact scenario. Innopipe

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Compressed Air Pneumatics or CAP3 from Qnergy and OilPro is an air solution that was designed to displace the methane emission typically associated with pneumatic devices. While traditional devices release methane gases into the air, the CAP3 helps you meet and exceed local methane regulations and help the environment.  “Pneumatic devices powered by pressurized natural

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The new CAP3nano Compressed Air Pneumatics from Qnergy and OilPro is the latest innovation offering high-powered and efficient air pneumatics that prevents methane emissions normally associated with pneumatic devices from being released.    When paired with Qnergy’s PowerGen also from OilPro, you have the efficient, powerful and environmentally remote power solution you’ve been looking for

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Pressure vessel overview Pressure vessels store liquids under high pressure and come in a wide variety of sizes for varying uses. While you can customize a pressure vessel to suit the application, it is important to realize that modifying existing vessels adds a lot of time and expense. OilPro has taken additional steps to design

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Does your company adhere to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance metrics? While ESG metrics are already being used by companies to compensate staff, in 2020 it also became more prevalent in terms of investing. Both managed investment funds and individual investors now take a closer look at companies and how their business dealings impact

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