Over the years, OilPro staff have worked with Canada’s most talented and respected engineers in the oil and gas industry. Through these relationships, OilPro has benefited from technical experience, knowledge, information and practical application for some of the most challenging projects. The following articles are OilPro’s insights into some of these learnings. Get our perspective on equipment, advances in technology, and solutions to overcome various challenges.

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Some things just don’t ship well across the ocean. Oilfield storage tanks are really just light, big bags of air, and so, it is difficult to justify shipping low-pressure, low cost storage tanks across the ocean. The shipping costs tend to exceed fabrication costs. So what to do when your client says “but I really

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  Oil tank fire statistics show the total number of fires dropped over the past several decades. In fact, the rate of oil tank fires dropped quicker than fires in general. How common are oil tank fires and why have they decreased during this period? Oil tank fire prevalence The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

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Vessels Versus Pipe If your plants or pipelines have liquids problems and the only solutions you’re considering are large ASME Code slug catchers, filters cyclonic or other gravity-enhancing systems you should consider Innopipe. Innopipe excels at high velocity, 2 phase gas-liquid separation. Furthermore it can be built out of pipe rather than rolled shells and

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Last summer, the CanERIC Showdown from the Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Network was held. It assessed 20 remote power technologies which were narrowed down to 6 field-tests for the final showdown. We wrote about this event at that time. You can read the initial report by clicking here.  The Qnergy PowerGen supplied by OilPro was not

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The Xtreme Tank Technologies (XTT) tool from OilPro is a four-in-one application offering the following to tank owners and operators: Oil de-gasssing Optimized vapour removal Oil Skimming Fire Suppression We’ve spoken recently about the costs and prevalence of tank fires while also discussing fire detection and fire suppression.  Below are a series of photos that illustrate

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Frosty. Frigid. Freezing. These three adjectives describe what’s in store across Canada this winter and leading into 2023 according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. It predicts a cold winter along with a series of potential mini-deep freezes throughout Canada. It also predicts the mercury will dip as early as mid November in Canada. While people

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