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The OilPro staff strives to be the best in their areas of expertise in the oilfield service business. Focused on delivering the right solution to each customer, OilPro prides itself in providing the highest quality production equipment available, saving customers both time and money.

OilPro was founded in 1997 by Michael Adams and Olav Cramer. Bill Foose joined later that year. Together we continue to build OilPro’s expanded product line and establish partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide.

OilPro staff understand what it takes to match equipment needs with budgets and timelines, along with QC and documentation requirements demanded by today’s petroleum industry.

Olav Cramer, B.A. (Comm.)


Since 1992, Olav’s career in the oilfield production equipment business is about collected knowledge, information and experience. He assists customers find solutions for their facility operations needs. His experience ranges from valuations to pumpjack and process vessel sizing and process design. A strong relationship with Sivalls, Inc. since 1992 gives Olav a practical background in oil treater and free water knockouts, glycol dehydrator and separator design and sizing criteria.
Recently, as OilPro responds to producer, midstream and EPC demand, critical remote site power generation, enhanced separation methods, and gas pipeline liquids separation are key to the expansion of Olav’s knowledge base.
The addition of an efficient Stirling engine power generator expands Olav’s knowledge of the intricacies of various electrical power and heating solutions for hydrocarbon producers, processors and pipeline operators, rail and communications applications.
In partnership with the Canadian patented Innopipe design Olav is involved in research and development of better gas transmission pipeline separation techniques to help industry apply more economical and efficient separation techniques for gas transmission, distribution and storage systems scaling from utility to 52″ pipelines.

Olav and Michael Adams founded OilPro in 1997.

[email protected]

Office : +1 403-215-3373 | Mobile : +1 403-813-9042

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Michael Adams

Chief Financial Officer

Michael’s career in oilfield production equipment launched in 1995. In addition to providing support to OilPro’s sales team, he manages OilPro’s finances, from Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable but also ensures smooth integration with OilPro’s Enterprise Resource Planning. Michael’s management of the NetSuite ERP software allows OilPro to use integrated applications to run the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Michael is actively involved with OilPro’s Pumping Unit, Engine and Genset stocking plan, sales and sizing.

Michael is in charge of OilPro integration with Quality Control and commercial systems such as ABSA, Complyworks, ISN Networld, OpenInvoice and the Cortex Network systems, Dunn & Bradstreet to name a few.

[email protected]

Office : +1 403-215-3373 | Mobile : +1 403-803-9229

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Andre Draayer

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Andre joined OilPro again in May 2018.

His previous tenure with OilPro was in a Business Development role for OilPro’s Therminator product line.

The subsequent sale of OilPro’s share to our partner meant he went along with that business.

Andre has since acquired extensive artificial lift expertise working at Lufkin Canada and Rotating Right thus rounding out OilPro’s artificial lift knowledge portfolio.

Andre is also an avid outdoorsman, dog breeder and trainer for numerous law enforcement agencies and hunters through his company Ultimate Gun Dog.

He can be reached in the office at 403 215-3373, or Cel: 403-809-4940

To schedule a meeting with Andre please click here.

Office : +1 403-215-3373 | Mobile : 403-809-4940

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Thomas (Tom) Egle

Technical Sales, Saskatchewan

Tom is OilPro’s lead for Saskatchewan oil and gas production equipment solutions as well as Total Combustion Inc.’s Field Technician/Sales representative.

Originally a member of Canada’s Infantry,Tom’s broad oil and gas background in Canada’s oil and gas industry is in HSE, special gases, spill containment, heavy equipment, well cementing operations and he is also a Qnergy factory-trained PowerGen technician.

| Mobile : 1 (306) 861-8711

Tamara Dedrick

OilPro Document Control, CEO Remote Doc Mgmt Inc.

Tamara Dedrick and her dedicated team of professionals manage OilPro Document Control.

Tamara brings a Mechanical and Electrical Designing/Drafting background to complete OilPro’s Project Coordination package. Project Lead experience ensures drawing redlines from OilPro’s clients in Electrical, Mechanical and Piping Disciplines are checked and documented appropriately. On site experience in both field and fabrication shop environments ensure quality.

Tamara created OilPro’s Document Control Standard and a robust Database Architecture all of which ensure delivery of a reliable trail from quote through delivery with convenient future access.

OilPro’s paperless Document Control System ensures quick, detailed communication between field, engineering and fabrication in a sustainable, cost effective manner.

[email protected]

Office : +1 587-227-8019

Grant McNeil, B.Comm, MBA

Corporate Advisor

On a part time basis, Grant supports OilPro in the areas of corporate development and strategy, commercial negotiations, corporate finance, risk management, as well as financial reporting & systems.  Grant has close to forty years of corporate finance and development experience in several sectors including energy service, oil & gas, pipelines, petrochemicals, and manufacturing. In addition to over ten years with OilPro, his past roles include Vice President with a natural resource focused management consulting firm and Vice-President Energy Banking and Petroleum Engineering with a Schedule 1 Canadian bank. Grant is active with Financial Executives International and has lectured in corporate finance at the University of Alberta, and strategic management at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic).

[email protected]

Office : 403 215-3373

Kent Baumgardt

Production Optimization Specialist

Kent is a Production Optimization Specialist who works at OilPro to support our customers with well production solutions involving design, selection, implementation, of new artificial lift equipment and the analysis, troubleshooting, repair and upgrade of existing artificial lift equipment. After spending 22 years in operations / optimization with hands on experience in well operation related issues and can provide real solutions to well production problems.

Kent believes that in these challenging economic times getting the most production from your wells is critical for today’s producers but achieving this at any cost is not viable. The proper selection, setup and operation of artificial lift equipment must be cost effective while striving for maximum production as unwanted failures can cause costly downtime and increased lease operating expenses.

worked at Fortune 500 companies and knows that proper selection, implementation, and operation are key components to success when optimizing wells. Kent has garnered invaluable experience in Production Optimization focusing on cost reduction strategies, asset integrity programs, DH / surface design, well deliver ability testing, and well management programs.


Office : 403-215-3373 | Mobile : 403-391-7948

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STS International Supply Inc.

Exclusive Country Representative for OilPro in Oman, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

STS International Supply Inc.

Exclusive Representative for OilPro in the MENA Region

STS International Supply Inc.

177, Block A, Skyway Offices,

Marina Sea Front,

Pieta – Malta

Email: [email protected]

Office : +1 (403) 215-3373

Bill Foose, I.E.T.

International Sales

Bill has an in-depth background in Industrial Electronics Technology from SAIT Polytechnic. In the early days, OilPro partnered with a fabrication shop which ran under Bill’s direction. Although the shop’s partnership was sold, its legacy remains. Bill’s knowledge of running a manufacturing operation is an asset when co-coordinating work with of OilPro’s partners and suppliers.Bill’s main focus is OilPro’s Innopipe line (www.innopipe.com) as well as OilPro’s international production and service rig projects.

[email protected], and [email protected]

Office : +1 403-215-3373 | Mobile : +1 403-804-9868

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