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We provide the oil & gas industry with innovative, pre-engineered production and power equipment, faster, at a lower cost. OilPro is a trusted name in oilfield production equipment for over 2 decades. With experience in the sourcing, sizing and supply of oilfield production equipment to some of the world’s largest (and smallest) producers, our inventory of key production equipment is designed to fit most in-house E&P design standards. Our fabricators builds OilPro-designed inventory which gives us the ability to offer new, customized and re-manufactured products to get production on stream quickly at reasonable costs. Key to our success is ensuring all of our equipment meets or exceeds Canada’s world-class technical and safety standards. We specialize in combining standard equipment with innovative components such as Innopipe, PowerGen, and Eco1st.



Total Combustion Inc. (TCI) is an incineration company that rents and sells patented waste gas combustion equipment.

See TCI combustors in action here.

As energy demands rise and worldwide oil and gas reserves continue to fall, the urgency of efficiency in processing becomes more obvious by the day. From its inception in 1947, Sivalls has worked directly, with oil and gas producers in turning out surface production equipment designed to deliver greater volumes of salable hydrocarbons more profitably. By maintaining highest engineering, manufacturing and field service standards over the years, Sivalls has become a supplier of global importance.

In devising onshore and offshore custom models to serve every surface production function, Sivalls faces challenges in the spirit of innovation and dedication, still focused on the central objective of helping the producer deliver more and lose less in the process. To these ends, Sivalls’ professionals by the hundred are fully dedicated.

Technical brochures covering all Sivalls units are available for the asking.

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Innopipe is an inline gas separator and piggable drip system removes 99.9 % of liquids at almost any pressure and gas flowrate in 2 phase, gas/ liquid lines.
Watch how Innopipe separates liquids to produce a primary gas stream that is 99 % liquid-free

We remove liquids like produced water, hydrocarbon condensates and chemicals from gas lines. Results include:

  • better pipeline integrity;
  • minimized corrosion issues;
  • reduced use of inhibitors; 
  • black powder reduction or elimination;
  • extended pipeline life;
  • slug reduction and control;
  • reduced pigging; and
  • improved plant and pipeline operations and predictability due to more consistent operations.

The Innopipe separator differs from conventional designs by taking advantage of annular flow. Innopipe separators are less expensive to build, and have broader operating parameters than most gravity-inducing designs. Innopipe works well in 2 psi flow regimes and improves as velocity and flowrates increase, providing 99.9% separation efficiency with a negligible pressure drop. Innopipe is designed to be piggable or non-piggable, built to any size and design code in the world including CSA, ASME, GOST, DNV, ANSI, DIN, CE, ISO, AS, CFR, PD, and TUV.




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