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Trantner Spiral Heat Exchanger

Trantner Spiral Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger transfers heat between two fluids of differing temperatures. So one fluid provides the heat and the other receives it.

As such they are particularly important to the oil processing side of the business as well as during the liquefaction of natural gas.

But a discussion of heat exchangers is challenging, especially when HEX calculations are required. 

Why is crude oil cooling needed?

While there are many common uses for heat exchangers, one of the more popular options is recovering oil treating equipment heat in the oil outlet stream agains the inlet stream at the battery which provides gains in efficiency and improves performance while also reducing sales tank venting.

Having said that, there is more than one type of heat exchanger that might better suit your application, depending on what that application is.

OilPro can help you figure out which is one is right for you and can customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

OilPro stocks and tracks many types of exchangers


OilPro stocks a variety of heat exchangers including:

  • Liquid/air – Liquid to liquid and liquid to air heat exchangers are commonly used in many oil & gas applications including petrochemical plants, refineries and natural gas processing among others.

  • Shell/tube – Due to its ability to withstand very high pressure environments, shell and tube heat exchangers are the most popular type used in oil refineries and other related sectors. 
  • Gas/gas – A gas/gas heat exchanger is used to transfer heat from one process gas to another so it’s capable of meeting the challenges associated with gas, particularly high temperatures.
  • Plate – Also known as a gasket plate heat exchanger, it uses metal plates so it’s frequently used in liquid to liquid applications and offers advantages such as compact design and high pressure and temperature limits. Plate (and frame) heat exchangers are commonly used for crude oil cooling.
  • Spiral (New and new surplus) – Used for such applications as heat recovery and processes where erosion is expected, a spiral heat exchanger has a single channel design and is often used in place of a shell and tube design when fouling and plugging are also experienced.

Heat exchangers from OilPro

Here are some recent heat exchangers we’ve supplied to oil field customers. 

OilPro plate exchangers from Sondex

OilPro Sondex plate exchangers 300PSI-1165 SQFT.

Custom SS biogas system

Custom SS biogas system shell-tube exchanger in use at the Sheperd landfill in Calgary

Spiral heat exchanger, 2097.89 sq ft, 355 psig c.w. 6& 8 in and outlets

Spiral heat exchanger, 2097.89 sq ft, 355 psig c.w. 6& 8 in and outlets


These are just a few select heat exchanger projects we’ve worked on recently. Want to learn more about what we have in stock and what else we can supply?

Call OilPro now at 403-215-3373 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your heat exchanger needs in more detail.


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