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XTT Canada xtreme tank tool helps to resolve saltwater disposal dangers and difficulties.Saltwater disposal (SWD) in the oil tank sector refers to the process of managing and disposing of the wastewater, which contains high levels of salt and various contaminants, produced as a byproduct of oil and gas operations.

This wastewater, often referred to as “produced water,” can pose significant environmental and operational challenges if not properly managed and disposed of.

Important Factors For Saltwater Disposal

The importance of saltwater disposal is due to several main factors:

-Environmental Protection

-Regulatory Compliance

-Resource Conservation

-Static Prevention

The last point is especially important because saltwater disposal systems are 5.5x more of a static producer than crude oil or finished products. This is due in part to the use of materials that contribute to static build up including fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Saltwater disposal storage tank.Deal With Saltwater Disposal Effectively

How can we help tank owners who face saltwater disposal issues?

The Xtreme Tank Tool (XTT) from OilPro not only helps tank owners safely handle saltwater disposal by electronically grounding the contained liquids, but the XTT also offers additional benefits of enhanced vapor recovery, liquid management and fire suppression.

XTT’s skimmer operates continuously to extract any surface oils, effectively eliminating the requirement for a vacuum truck to manually extract oil from the tank’s upper layer. As the oils are removed, gas emissions decrease, allowing the vapor line to introduce nitrogen or inert gas.

This continuous purging process ensures that the tank maintains a safe internal atmosphere by preventing the accumulation of oxygen and other minor gases.

Hydrocarbons are removed, ensuring that the saltwater disposal system remains optimally prepared to handle mechanical, static, or lightning-related incidents that may arise.

Next Steps

XTT is a 4-in-1 tool that can help you resolve saltwater disposal concerns while also providing tank owners with enhanced vapor recovery, fire suppression, liquid management and change of atmosphere benefits.

Check out our dedicated XTT Canada website or pick up the phone and call OilPro directly at 1-403-215-3373 and we can speak in more detail. Alternatively drop us an email to [email protected].


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