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13 applications for an inline gas separator and piggable drip system


How would you like to produce a primary gas stream that is 99% liquid-free?

Innopipe from OilPro is a patented, proven technology that provides inline gas transmission line liquids removal. Piggable and non-piggable versions are available in sizes ranging from 1″ through to 60″. Innopipe also provides slug management systems that integrate with Innopipe drip and pipeline systems.

Innopipe is not a dehydration unit or a coalescing separator but an efficient liquid removal tool that removes free liquids.

And it’s one that has numerous possible uses.

13 applications for Innopipe

OilPro’s Innopipe inline gas separator and piggable drip system has a number of applications in the oil & gas business.

Here are the top 13 uses:

  1. General liquid removal from gas streams.
  2. Black powder removal through prevention of initial formation
  3. Liquids protection for inlets of compressor engines.
  4. Liquids removal before river crossings and low points in pipelines.
  5. Used in hilly terrain where liquids can collect and cause slug flow.
  6. Managing slug flow within a pipeline gathering system.
  7. Cavern storage liquid removal and fill (bi-directional).
  8. Compressor lube oil removal to protect downstream pipeline.
  9. Production and well-test separators.
  10. Liquids removal before ultrasonic gas meters to maintain accuracy.
  11. Steam condensate removal from steam lines.
  12. Eliminate upsets in process plants due to liquid carryover.
  13. Plant upgrade systems (Innopipe can bolt on upstream of downstream of existing vessels with carry-over problems)

Innopipe has been installed globally for decades

With over 100 installations, Innopipe is currently being used throughout the world including in the following locations:

Middle East

Innopipe installation below grade with installed cassions
  • Large gas pipeline power station gas supply. Used to remove condensate from rich gas that is produced at their refineries.
  • Removes liquids from a gas stream to improve accuracy of ultrasonic gas meters.

Eastern Canada

  • Bi-directional application at large gas compressor or for cavern storage.
  • Remove liquids from a gas stream to improve accuracy of ultrasonic gas meters.

Western Canada (custom solutions)

  • Lube oil removal downstream of screw compressors.
  • Remove glycol carry-over from dehydration systems.
  • Portable well test skids to remove liquids upstream of metering.  
  • Improves efficiency of large inlet separators
  • Removes excess MDEA prior to gas desiccant regeneration.

Eastern USA

  • Remove corrosive liquids from high pressure distribution pipelines. 

If you’re looking for a customizable application with flexible configurations, Innopipe from OilPro is your best choice for effectively removing liquids from natural gas streams whether above or below ground.

Contact OilPro directly by phone at 403-215-3373 or through our contact form. You can also visit us online at Innopipe.com.


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