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400Bbl Ins laid down.

400Bbl  skidded, insulated tank.

Many companies build storage tanks but finding a reliable, experienced supplier who can customize your tank to your specific requirements is another story.

You want a supplier who can build your tank while offering three major benefits that many other companies simply can’t do.

Let’s take a look at three important factors you should demand when ordering a custom tank for your storage requirements.

1. The Storage Tank Must Come With A P. Eng. stamp

The Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations specify a number of requirements for a new storage tank.

One is:

For the installation of any storage tank system, the owner of the system must use design plans, drawings and specifications of the system that bear the stamp and signature of a professional engineer.” Source: Government of Canada.

The regulations were put in place in 2008 to reduce the risk of leaks and spills of petroleum products and to adhere to specific standards that previously weren’t enforced.

The P. Eng. stamp shows you the buyer that the drawings, designs, plans, descriptions and/or specifications of the tank meet specific standards that one would expect.

It gives the buyer confidence that the tank has been built satisfactorily to meet these standards.

2. The Storage Tank Works With a VRU

The ideal storage tank is able to work properly in conjunction with a vent gas management system such as a VRU (Vapour Recovery Unit) for both low and high pressure ranges.

A VRU enables the user to better comply with required emissions level regulations and with tighter rules against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in place.

VRUs have a wide range of applications including petroleum distribution terminals, chemical and petrochemical plants, and crude-oil tanks.

Custom 100 bbl storage tank

Custom 100 bbl storage and pop tanks.

3. The Storage Tank Meets API Standard 650 Guidelines

The American Petroleum Institute (API) represents the oil and gas industry in the US and has created a number of guidelines for the industry to follow and adhere to.

The API Standard 650 is the standard for welded flat-bottomed vertical storage tanks typically used to store liquids such as crude oil as well as gasoline, chemicals or water.

The API remains the only national trade association that represents all sectors of the American oil and natural gas industry. This includes the largest oil companies like Chevron, Exxon and Shell to small independents. 

The API also represents suppliers to the industry such as Siemens, Sulzer, and other companies who build and sell vessels, valves, instrumentation and more.

The Importance of API Tank Standards

OilPro specializes in API guideline designed storage tanks. We have standard-sized tanks as well as a variety of custom tank designs. We have experience providing tanks conforming to API 12F, API 650 as well as API 12B guidelines.

API standards differ depending on the size of the tank, the location of the tank, and what liquid the tank is storing. Thus it’s important to choose a builder who understands each standard and ensures that each custom storage tank is designed, manufactured, installed correctly.

Tank shells are also stocked in common sizes and adaptable to your specific requirements ranging from insulation to coating to custom nozzle configurations and internals.

Custom tank manufacturing for welded or bolted tanks abroad can be ordered using our experienced tank erectors.

Indicative storage tank dimensions by model size

Here is a short list of custom tank sizes that we’ve produced recently. We can customize them as required and you can view complete specs on our tanks page.

The dimensions shown below can vary depending on which model you choose.


Capacity Dimensions (custom dimensions available)
50 bbl 8’D x 6’H
100 bbl 9’6″D x 8’H
200 bbl 12’OD (11′ 9″ ID) x 10’H
400 bbl 12′ D x 20′ H
500 bbl 38′-7 5/8″ D x 24′-1 1/2″ H
750 bbl 15’3” D x 24’ H
2,250 bbl 23′-6″ wide x 32′ high
3,500 bbl 23’6” x 46’ high
5,000 bbl 38′-7 5/8″ diameter x 24′-1 1/2″ high


Custom storage tanks from OilPro

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