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Do you have:

-Liquid carry-over from your process equipment?

-Lube oil carry over from a screw compressor?

-Cavern storage (bi directional separation)?

-Overwhelmed inlet separation?

-Upsets during pigging operations?

-Black powder corrosion/erosion issues?

If you have gas pipeline systems, we have a solution that will save you significant expense over vessels, with shorter delivery and much lower logistics costs due to drastically reduced system size and weight.

Innopipe shipment for liquids removal in 8" pipeline system

Innopipe shipment for liquids removal in 8″ pipeline system

Introducing Innopipe, the unique inline gas separator and piggable drip system that removes 99% of liquids.

Canadian design and expertise built at our Estevan, SK and Brandon, MB, or US fabrication partners, or under licence at a number of Middle Eastern shops.

So we have you covered regardless of where you do business. We are pleased to deliver a series of pipeline liquids removal systems to a number of US clients with a good number now under construction.

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