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The SOLARIS 3000 from SCADALink and OilPro is a modular off-grid solar hybrid power system designed to provide 24 VDC and 120 VAC power for critical remote oil, gas, mining, telecommunications and other applications where solar has to be part of the system and a generator is required for uninterruptible power when solar is unavailable due to overcast conditions or shorter daylight.

The SOLARIS solar hybrid solution was designed by SCADALink and OilPro and offers the best alternative for those seeking a hybrid solar solution.

What is SOLARIS?

For starters, SOLARIS is an acronym that means the following:

Low temperature

Remote sites are increasingly preferentially powered by solar with battery systems storing the gathered energy. The generator is there to bridge the power generation gap during overcast or shorter winter days. A generator lies dormant during summer’s long days, saving fuel and emission, and wakes up once needed, i.e. when there’s a forest fire or cloud obscuring sunlight, or when more power is needed for heat tracing on colder days.

SOLARIS systems are specifically designed to be CSA-approved, P.Eng. stamped engineered packages.

The systems are genset agnostic, so that systems only requiring low hour genset duty can save money with a less-expensive, higher maintenance internal combustion engine.

Systems that require critical reliability and more regular power benefit from combination with the proven, zero slippage, critical power Stirling engine option from Qnergy, also distributed by OilPro since 2017 with 1,000’s deployed.

Click here to see an example and full description of the SOLARIS -3000W-800AH-SCADA-SOLAR HYBRID model from OilPro.

Who can benefit from SOLARIS 3000?

The SOLARIS 3000 solar hybrid power system is a great choice for companies in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Energy
  • Mines
  • Military
  • Emergency services
  • Provincial and federal parks
  • Telecom
  • Rail
  • Offshore
  • Marine rescue
  • Remote and northern communities

The SOLARIS 3000 is designed to work with a wide variety of remote and critical applications, including oil & gas, mining, and telecommunications.



What separates SOLARIS from its competitors

SOLARIS systems feature a number of benefits that make it the ideal choice when considering a solar hybrid solution:

  • Off the shelf system that requires minimal field construction 
  • Small insulated enclosure for smaller footprint and controlled temperature with gas or electric heating
  • Adaptable to any autonomy requirement from 1 day to 3 weeks
  • An excellent match for 1800 & 5650W PowerGens with -40°C cold start capability and 80,000+ maintenance-free engine service life and glycol heat tracing options.
  • Adaptable to whichever battery type fits the budget and service target, (Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lead Acid, AGM etc.)
  • Solar gathering capacity from 1 to 12 kW, conventional and bifacial solar panels
  • Battery capacity from 100 W to 1.6 kW to fit your commercial and autonomy targets

How the SOLARIS solar hybrid system works

  • Solar panels can be placed at any angle to optimize:
    -Snow shedding
    -Optimal light capture during low sun angles from December – January
    -Optimized angles during longer days when the sun is higher to stretch autonomy
    Expected autonomy can easily be arrived at using the Solar Electricity Handbook to provide data on solar irradiance available near your proposed installation.

    Expected autonomy can easily be arrived at using the Solar Electricity Handbook to provide data on solar irradiance available near your proposed installation.

  • Growth capacity is incorporated in original layout and design (Will require subsequent field recertification, if desired)
  • Solar systems, charging and battery systems are a modular design to enable adding capacity as requirements change
  • Remote data gathering package included with a full SCADA suite with web interface for SOLARIS 
  • System records and stores trending of actual site energy use vs gathering capacity and autonomy and integrates reporting for GHG credit generation
  • PowerGen is equipped with SmartView monitoring with web interface and further communications functionality.
  • Design allows optimized adjustment to desired autonomy periods vs generator run time
    External junction boxes provide interconnection with site.

    External junction boxes provide interconnection with site.

  • HMI for local solar system control as well a full remotely accessible control system
  • Engineered and CSA-approved P.Eng. stamped turn-key system
  • Systems are stocked available with short delivery
  • SOLARIS is designed and packaged in Alberta, Canada
  • PowerGen is stocked in Alberta, Canada and built in Ogden, UT, USA

Contact OilPro at 403-215-3373 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about the SOLARIS modular off-grid solar hybrid power system and Qnergy’s PowerGen also from OilPro.



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