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A Solution to Low-Pressure SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)

The Liftplus system is designed to improve and enhance production of SAGD operations with a simple, rod-less system with few moving parts.

LiftPlus uses high pressure gas (already available at SAGD operations) to actuate our downhole pump, so no electrical power is needed.

  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce gas consumption
  • Reduce emulsion/ gas/ sand-related challenges

Displace your ESP:

Chose LIftPlus over an ESP to realize annual savings from both power and carbon emission mitigation ($87k in our case study) on top of significant capital and operating expenses.

Displace your Gas Lift:

LiftPlus produces the same or more fluid while using ~50% less gas tan a gas lift systems.

Displace Long-Stroke Pumping Units:

Eliminate rod strings, (and rod-related problems from hangups to wear) AND eliminate high surface equipment costs.

Install at Completion:

Realize Cap ex, Opex savings from day one, use the same pump througout the well’s life without going through infrastructure changes switching from reciprocating rod pumps or progressive cavity pumps to electric submersibles or jet pumps to eventual gas or plunger lift.

LiftPlus works from day one of cold slow production through to optimal reservoir temperature marginal stages without requiring replacement and shows excellent resilience to sand production.

  • Infinite turn-down (0-1,000 m3/d)
  • proven 7 year run time in producing SAGD well
  • Recent reported case with production increase of ~50% total fluid with 67% more oil vs. conventional gas lift

Tired of replacing your downhole equipment? Would you like to be the next Production or Operations manager to say “WE HAVE NOT SEEN THESE VOLUMES IN THIS FIELD BEFORE”

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