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Matching a genset to power needs is critical to making the right purchasing decision.

Prime or Standby power applications have different criteria.

Before you buy a generator for remote power, check out the Qnergy PowerGen lineup from OilPro

Factors to consider when choosing a genset include:

  • Single or three phase
  • kW
  • KVA
  • AC or DC or both required?
  • Standby or motor starting duty required?
  • Maximum step loads required?
  • Grid tie-in required, or is this for site-micro-grid?

To help us determine the right size:

  • Make a list of items that need to be powered
  • Make an additional list of starting as well as running Watts of each item (typically on the identification plate on the item or the manual)
    • many items may be expressed in Amperes to to this page for calculating your needs
  • Add these columns for total running and starting requirements.

OilPro specializes in remote site medium power requirements where TEG and fuel cells become less economical but reciprocating units and commensurate maintenance are not justified.

Typically this means we have better solutions in the 600/1200/1800/5650 Watt configuration range in locations where fuel gas or propane is available using our Stirling engine PowerGen from Qnergy.

Feel free to contact us at 403 215-3373, or e-mail us at [email protected] if you require help or more information.


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