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Our “VET” process (Venturi-Ejector Technology)works with new or existing tanks down to low pressures, recovers liquids and cleans up smoky flares,

Comparison of clean flare with heavy ends removed and smoky one without.


Adds to the bottom line in multiple ways:

  • Recover & sell as oil, condensate, or improve oil API
  • Reduce emissions/ stay under permit limits
  • Receive carbon credits to offset or trade

Venturi / ejector technology

  • We use disposal water as the motive fluid to entrain & compress gas. One Bakken tank farm currently venting 300,000 SCF/d of 2,300 BTU/ft3 gas was shown to be able to achieve a condensate volume of ~ 70 Bbl/d recoverable. Once installed the site can have conditioned fuel gas for on-site power generation. Outlet gas reduced to 184,000 SCFD (nearly 50% reduction of original waste gas).

    Depending on site conditions, condensate can blend into sales oil or sold as NGL’s. In some cases, project payout is less than 6 months.

    The wetter the gas the more the Venturis shine versus conventional VRU’s.

    Compositions vary, we will provide detailed modelling for your asset. The Venturi process can also capture exhaust gas from compressors, dehy’s and other low pressure vent sources. We can inject to a disposal well for complete facility carbon capture.

  • See a process simulation on how this could work in the downloadable PDF below.


Call us at +1 403 215-3373, or e-mail [email protected] for more detail. Also ask about our MRU (Micro Referigeration Unit) Liquid Stripper to use refrigeration for fuel gas conditioning.

Download this PDF for more detail: ventandflaregasrecovery3-1-2023


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