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Our “MRU” process (Micro Refrigeration Unit) Liquid Stripper deals with heavy ends and conditions gas to make clean fuel gas or injectable gas.

A Micro Refridge unit with a small footprint to recover liquids from wet gas coming off storage tanks, treaters, or other waste gas destined for flaring. The remaining conditioned gas delivers a clean burning flare or renders clean dry fuel gas to power generation equipment and onsite data mining operations.


The MRU is also used to strip liquids and condition the gas for gas injection systems.

Monetize the condensate while improving the gas for injection. Results are better injection performance and less problems with downhole equipment

The MRU Process Skid is a tiny package that has a big impact on the bottom line

  • Minimal package footprint with use of special compact components
  •  Simple, durable refrigeration system serviceable by HVAC technicians.
  • Refrigerant is safer than propane, reducing on site hazards.
  • Purpose built low temp separator (LTS) for improved separation of liquids.
  •  High grade component metallurgy for greater corrosion resistance.
  •  Available in 5, 10, 20 & 30HP
  • Equipment payout is often <6 months, independent of emission reduction benefits
  • carbon credits, penalty avoidance, etc.

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See our case study here:

Waste Gas to Power casehistory3-3-2023


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