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A Sivalls treater from OilPro.Treating systems in the oil and gas business refer to the equipment and processes used to separate and remove impurities from oil and gas streams. These impurities may include water, gases, and solid particles, which can negatively impact the quality and performance of the oil and gas.

Treating systems are expensive and troublesome due to the high level of complexity involved in their design, construction, and operation. The equipment and processes must be able to handle the high pressures, temperatures, and corrosive materials present in oil and gas streams.

Additionally, they must meet strict safety and environmental standards, which require robust and reliable systems.

Treater sizing is of paramount importance

One of the more difficult tasks is the sizing of a treater and in some instances, the chosen model can be oversized or undersized. In that regard, selection of the best type of treating system and accurate determination of the size required can save you considerable expense.

The size of a treating system will depend on various factors, including the type and volume of impurities in the oil and gas stream, the desired level of purity, and the production capacity of the well or facility. Engineers use complex mathematical models and simulations to determine the optimal size and configuration of the treating system.

OilPro can help you size a treater that meets your personal requirements to ensure this is done correctly. 

Choosing a treater 

When choosing a treating system, it is important to consider several factors, including:

  • Quality (loose, moderate or tight) of the emulsion
  • Specific gravity of the oil and produced water
  • Corrosiveness of the crude, oil, produced water and gas
  • Scaling tendencies of the produced water
  • Produced solids
  • Likelihood of contaminant inteference from products like asphaltenes or paraffins
  • Quantity of the fluid to be treated and percent water in the inlet emulsion
  • Availability of sales line for the produced gas
  • Desirable operating pressures for equipment up and downstream
  • Paraffin and asphaltene presence in the crude oil 

Unsure where to start and how to address these points? Contact OilPro and we can help.

OilPro specializes in treaters and Free Water Knockouts (FWKOs). By stocking Sivalls‘ equipment, OilPro can ensure your treater works for your application. Sivalls has manufactured treaters since 1947 and is recognized as an industry leader in this field. We offer custom, application-specific solutions as well as surplus new and remanufactured treaters as well.

If you have oil, gas and water volumes and gravities, we can usually help you with some preliminary sizing. Contact OilPro directly at 403-215-3373 or by email at [email protected]


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