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How Can You Prevent Your Tank From Being A Super Emitter?

Until recently, tank owners were left to their own devices to figure out how to deal with important tank-related issues such as handling a potential fire and emission-related concerns.

But as time has gone on, not only were technologies developed to help you with both questions but governments increasingly make sure you do with new regulations that they enact and enforce.

As government regulations become more stringent, it’s incumbent upon tank owners to do what they can to reduce tank emissions using the latest technology.

Not only is it an increasingly legal requirement, it’s also a safety issue of course. 

The title of this post is also the name of a video we’ll link to below that discusses some thoughts behind the XTT. Its design and thus benefits ultimately address the issues related to that are discussed in the video.

Below is a video featuring XTT inventor Paul Gibbs who discusses issues related to eliminating tank emissions while also improving tank safety.

Paul also discusses the design and thoughts behind the Xtreme Tank Technologies tool and why it makes sense for tank owners for a number of reasons.

Click the link below to view this video in full:


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