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Innopipe Inline Gas Separator and Piggable Drip System from OilProWe continue to see US-wide and international interest in our Innopipe inline separator and piggable drip system. Innopipe removes up to 99% of liquids from natural gas pipeline including produced water, hydrocarbon condensates and chemicals.

The result is that Innopipe eliminates the need to reduce the flow rate of the primary gas flow and the result is significantly savings in piping and vessel size requirement. The design is also easily piggable when the secondary flow is interrupted and is fully bi-directional.

Below, we’ll discuss the applications where you can use Innopipe and the complete benefits offered to natural gas pipeline owners.

Innopipe Has A Wide Range Of Uses

Innopipe is useful in a number of different applications including the following:

• Compressor protection

• River crossings and low points

• Upstream of ultrasonic flow meters

• General Pipeline liquid removal

• Slug control and management

• Cavern storage liquid removal

• Compressor lube oil removal

• Production separators

• Black powder prevention/reduction

Innopipe installation in progress from OilPro.

Innopipe installation in progress from OilPro.

Innopipe Offers Numerous Advantages

As such, Innopipe offers a number of advantages to gas line owners:

• Allows pigging through unit

• Above or below grade installations

• Pipeline sizes 1” to 60”, high pressure

• Proven installations world-wide

• Low pressure drop

• Lower cost vs other separator styles

• Small footprint

• Manufactured in Canada or under license across the world including the Middle East.

• Simple design, easy to use

Innopipe installation below grade with installed cassions

Innopipe installation below grade with installed cassions

How Innopipe Works

Now that we’ve discussed the applications and benefits, let’s take a step back. How does Innopipe actually work to remove liquids even at transmission velocities?

The Innopipe piggable drip consists of two parts:

1. Flow separator

Innopipe separator section under construction

Innopipe Separator is quite light as it’s made of pipe, here transported on a basic trailer


2. Collection reservoir

Shown here is the collection reservoir married to the Innopipe separator, coated, ready for delivery

The flow separator is comprised of a pipe that is the same as the natural gas pipe surrounded by a shell to form an annular chamber. The annular chamber is divided into 2 halves by a pressure tight baffle and each as an inlet/outlet through slotted apertures. The slots are barred to provide support for pigging tools.

At the inlet to the flow separator, the natural gas stream is separated into two streams:

1. A primary flow that continues down the internal pipe of the separator, and;

2. A secondary flow of gas containing all the liquids in annular flow being drawn into the annular chamber.

The Results Offered

The Innopipe piggable drip is designed to offer both piggability and efficient liquid separation, even at high transmission gas speeds. This technology employs a patented annular gas stream separation method that effectively removes liquids using minimal gas, proving effective across a range of gas flow velocities.

Contact OilPro directly at 1-403-215-3373 or by email at [email protected] to learn more about Innopipe and how an installation can benefit you.


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