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Innopipe captures glycols carried over from hereAre you a US-based oil and gas production company struggling with liquids in your natural gas lines? OilPro’s Innopipe inline gas separator and piggable drip system removes 99% of liquids and we can help you, too.

In fact, our newest project involves removing liquids in gas transmission lines for most of a US state’s gas supply.

Innopipe piggable pipeline separator

This is one of five Innopipe underground piggable pipeline drips shipped earlier this month to a US gas utility.

Our Brandon Manitoba, and Estevan, Saskatchewan facilities made good headway for a speedy, pre-winter below ground installation. Innopipe systems are also easily built for above ground, “inside the fence” use.

Innopipe Provides Inline Gas Pipeline Liquids Removal

Innopipe, invented by Saskatchewan’s Miles Haukeness, P.Eng., makes use of a well-known property of liquids in gas lines:

Annular flow.

Where ordinary separators interrupt the entire gas and liquid flows with a stop-start process requiring gas disengagement time, Innopipe separators efficiently remove liquids from gas streams on the fly, while interrupting only a small portion of the total flow with negligible residence time for liquids, compared to the minimum 1 minute residence time conventional separators require.

This results in optimal efficiency vs conventional separation methods; decreased delta P across the system with commensurate energy savings, but most importantly proven painless liquids removal.

The Results After Innopipe Installation

– Much less money spent to deal with liquids (the higher the pressure and pipe dia., the more you save)
– Corrosion/erosion elimination (no liquids to corrode pipe)
– No compressor downtime (no more inlet contamination)
– More accurate sonic metering (single phase metering without liquids)
– Less pigging (no corrosion products to clean up)
– Bi-directional use (storage cavern operators love dry gas coming in & out)
– Relief for existing inlet separation (removing gas upstream = more liquid retention volume)
– Fewer pipeline blowdowns

For overseas applications, we build in-country under license in partnership with local pressure vessel and pipe fabricators to minimize logistics challenges and installed costs and keep your local workforce engaged.

Contact OilPro directly by phone at +1 403-215-3373 or by email at [email protected] for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.

Innopipe Inline Gas Separator and Piggable Drip System from OilPro

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