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How Does Your Genset Compare To This?From 2000-2017, emissions of nitrogen dioxide in Canada and the U.S. decreased by 59% and 61%, respectively, in the transboundary ozone area (central and southern Ontario, southern Quebec, 18 U.S. states and the U.S. District of Columbia) covered by the Agreement.

These regulations became more stringent and lowered permissible levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO).
Qnergy, in its commitment to being a leader in the small-scale remote power generation industry, ensures that its Stirling generators meet the most stringent EPA limits on emissions.

The PowerGens OilPro stocks are load-following with a linear efficiency curve over their operating range.

OilPro distributes and services the PowerGen in Canada since CSA/Intertek approval in 2017. PowerGen delivers immediate reliable power and is environmentally friendly with efficient fuel use and micro Combined Heat and Power capability.

How PowerGen Works

PowerGens employ a lean combustion process, meaning the PowerGen efficiently destroys virtually all hydrocarbons in the fuel stream. During commissioning by OilPro’s factory-trained technicians, the unit is tuned with a combustion analyzer to match site fuel conditions.

Calculated considering natural gas with a EIA (US Energy Information Administration) published carbon intensity of 53.07 kgCO2e/MMBTU, the max./min. for the 5650 Watt Powergen emits about 25.2/76,8 tCO2e per year.

NOx @ 5% 02 is 30 ppm (66 mg/kWh
CO @ 5% 02 is 9.0 ppm (12.0 mg/kWh and VOC’s are below detectable limits. How about that?

Be sure to ask your provider of ICE Gensets how they compare. We promise you may need pause to reflect, as we’ve seen independent 3rd party comparisons where ICE systems emit 100x more!

We’re not even touching on maintenance (1 hr/year for PowerGen).

If regulators took into account the total lifetime carbon footprint of such visits because the PowerGen would compare even better, when compared with the amounts of fluids and maintenance visits reciprocating engines require. (No engine lubrication required as there are no parts touching inside a Qnergy QB 80 engine!).

Want to learn more?

Click here to visit our dedicated Powergen page that describes the full lineup of models and the advantages each offers. Alternatively you can call OilPro directly at 402-215-3373 or email us at [email protected] to discuss PowerGen with us in more detail.


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