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Innopipe Piggable Drip NPS 16 with NPS 24 Liquid ReservoirVessels Versus Pipe

If your plants or pipelines have liquids problems and the only solutions you’re considering are large ASME Code slug catchers, filters cyclonic or other gravity-enhancing systems you should consider Innopipe.

Innopipe excels at high velocity, 2 phase gas-liquid separation. Furthermore it can be built out of pipe rather than rolled shells and as a results, costs less, and is faster to deliver than vessels with special internals ever can be. We can build to pipeline or ASME code, depending on size and location.

Innopipe removes fluids such as produced water, hydrocarbon condensates and chemicals from natural gas lines. 

Specifically, Innopipe is an inline gas separator and piggable drip system that removes 99% of liquids from natural gas lines in a way that traditional systems can’t.

Let’s take a closer look at what Innopipe does and how it resolves problems faced by natural gas pipeline operators daily.

The problem

Traditional gas transmission and distribution systems are notorious for being ineffective at removing liquids from pipelines. 

Gas transmission pipelines typically use low-grade liquid separators known as drips. Drips are installed in the pipeline at regular intervals to collect the liquids carried in a gas stream.

These current drips systems are ineffective at transmission velocity gas flow rates because they must allow passage of a tool called a Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG).

An inherent problem with piggable drip designs is that they only capture liquids which flow along the base of the pipe. As the flow rate and velocity is further increased, piggable systems become even less effective.

When excessive moisture gets inside natural gas pipelines, it can lead to a number of potentially serious and costly problems over time including:

  • Decreased pipeline integrity
  • Increased corrosion issues
  • Increased use of inhibitors
  • Increased black powder
  • Lower pipeline lifespan
  • Increased pigging required
  • Lower plant and pipeline operations and predictability due to less consistent operations.

Ultimately, pipeline damage can lead to public safety concerns, product loss as well as property and environmental damage that can be very costly to pipeline operators.

How Innopipe works

The Innopipe inline gas separator and piggable drip system has three sections:

-Separator section

-Interconnecting piping

-Collection reservoir

Innopipe was designed to allow liquid to flow from a separator into the collection reservoir. Lines are sized for separator conditions. Isolation valves are used to shut off the flow from the separator to the collection reservoir or close it when pigging. 

It has a slotted inner section (to match the line pipe) and a larger outer chamber that covers the slotted line pipe section.

The bottom line?

The technology applied with the Innopipe inline gas separator and piggable drip system means it’s both piggable and efficient for liquids separation even at transmission gas velocities.

Applications of Innopipe

Innopipe can be used by natural gas pipeline operators in a wide variety of commercial applications:

  • Compressor protection
  • River crossings and low points
  • Upstream of ultrasonic flow meters
  • General Pipeline liquid removal
  • Slug control and management
  • Cavern storage liquid removal
  • Compressor lube oil removal
  • Production separators
  • Black powder prevention/reduction

Innopipe offers numerous advantages

Innopipe offers a number of advantages over traditional gas transmission and distribution systems:

• Allows pigging through unit

• Above or below grade installations

• Pipeline sizes 1” to 60”, high pressure

• Proven installations world-wide

• Low pressure drop

• Lower cost vs other separator styles

• Small footprint

• Manufactured in Canada or under license across the world including the Middle East.

• Simple design, easy to use


Innopipe is not a dehydration unit or a coalescing separator but an efficient liquid removal tool that removes free liquids. Innopipe’s patented process also uses an annular gas stream separation technique to remove all the liquids without interrupting or changing the flow pattern.

Innopipe was designed to be piggable and can be built to any size and design code in the world including CSA, ASME, GOST, DNV, ANSI, DIN, CE, ISO, AS, CFR, PD and TUV.

Watch how Innopipe separates liquids to produce a primary gas stream that is 99% liquid-free by viewing the short video below.

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