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How often do people search online for information on tank fires and tank fire suppression? Evidence shows that the searches for both subjects are steady and in fact increasing over time and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s an ongoing concern for tank owners globally. 

Oil tank fire vs tank fire suppression

Tank fires are costly, dangerous and in some cases deadly. Until recently, tank owners were left to their own devices to find a proactive solution for tank fires.

And that was only for the relatively small number of tank owners who even knew that fire suppression tools existed in the first place.

Many tank owners weren’t aware you can proactively prepare for a tank fire, be alerted to it, and suppress it quickly, rather than having to call the fire department after you discover a fire has started only to watch it burn down.

Oil tank fire and tank fire suppression

We can track how frequently a search term is requested on Google by using the Google Trends tool. The tool tracks the relative popularity of each search term that is Googled. You can even compare terms against one another to see which one is being searched for the most and you can search globally or by country.

The search interest for the subject of “oil tank fire” has been fairly consistent dating back the last 10 years and in fact grew on average as indicated by the blue chart in the graphic below.

Google searches globally for “tank fire suppression” (in red below) isn’t as popular but is still fairly consistent during this same 10 year period.

In other words, people are searching globally for information on tank fires as the Google Trends graphic from 2012-22 shows:

Google searches for oil tank fire (blue) vs tank fire suppression (red) from 2012-22

Oil tank fire vs tank fire suppression

So tank owners are searching for a solution to monitor and deal with the possibility of a tank fire but proactively. The question is…


What’s the answer to the threat of a tank fire?

Tank owners understand the inherent threat of a fire whether from an explosion, accident, lightning strike or other event. Dealing with it is another story.

OilPro is proud to distribute the premier tool for tank owners to quickly identify, deal with and extinguish tank fires in less time than it would take you to pick up the phone and call the fire department.

The Xtreme Tank Tool (XTT) is actually a fire suppression AND enhanced vapour recovery AND liquid management AND change of atmosphere tool all in one.

Do you have an existing tank? XTT can be retroactively installed.

Own a larger or floating roof tank? The XTT is compatible with them too.

Best of all is that the XTT requires no staff and it doesn’t need to be manned. It’s all automatic.

Want to learn more? Check out our XTT Canada website or pick up the phone and call us directly at (403) 215-3373 or email us at [email protected].


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