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Any blanks you can fill in below will expedite your quote, and reduce your change-order count:

  • Delivery required by what time
  • vessel is a:….. (test, group, treater)
  • Basic design requirements
    • Gas flow, MMSCF/d
    • Water flow, Bbl/d
    • Oil flow, Bbl/d
    • Water S.G.
    • Oil API gravity or  S.G.
    • Gas S.G.
    • Compositions available of above?
    • Inlet temperature
    • desired treating temperature
    • Design Pressure
    • Operating pressure
    • Orientation: vertical or horizontal
    • Service: sweet or sour
    • Special design considerations:
      • H2S present
      • CO2 present
      • Iron Sulfides present
      • paraffins present
      • solids present
      • Are fluids coming from tank farm or pipeline?
      • What is downstream of the treater (i.e. Tank Farm, pipeline)
      • What is upstream of the treater (i.e. pipeline, Free Water Knockout, 2 or 3 phase Separator)
  • Vessel-design related:
    • Vessel to be partially flanged or all-flanged?
    • Diameter required (ID or OD) or to be sized by OilPro
    • Shell length seam to seam, or to be sized by OilPro
    • Inlet/Outlet size required
    • Design temperature Min/Max
    • Corrosion Allowance
    • Special material requirements (i.e. normalized, low or high temperature, impact tested)
    • NACE Compliance required Y/N?
    • Post Weld Heat Treatment
    • Special X-Ray requirements on vessel, or per Code
    • Impact testing
    • Gas Dome required?
    • Registration requirements (i.e. province, country etc.)
    • Manway size preference
    • Seismic zone design requirements?
    • Coalescer required?
    • removable internals required
    • Anodes required
    • Interface draw-offs required
    • Sample taps
    • Desand system
  • Packaging required?Number of phases (2,3, or 4 for sand)
    • Special Weld Testing  required (i.e. % X-Ray on piping, or per code)
    • Insulation (vessel or piping)
    • liquid outlet(s) size req’d
    • skid required (are there shipping restrictions?)
    • Special color requirements
    • Special paint specifications
    • Internal coating required (vessel and/or piping, which phases?)
    • Inlet header required ( How many wells, what size/ANSI rationg for the lines)
    • Building required?shed or gable style
    • containment lip
    • floor drain, piped to skid edge
    • lift lugs
    • Pull bars
    • No. of doors
    • No. of windows
    • Heater required?catalytic (AC or DC start)
    • Ruffnek or similar (Voltage, phases)
  • Instrumentation related:
    • Interface detection:
      • Mechanical
      • probe
    • Liquid Dumps to be mechanical or pneumatic, snap-acting or throttling?
    • block valves up and downstream of dumps?
    • Block valves to be reg port or full-port
    • Back Pressure Controller
    • Shut downs
      • High Level
      • Low Level
      • High/Lo Pressure
      • Emergency Shut Down
    • Gas meter required, and what size
    • Recorder, 2 pen or 3 pen
    • Liquid metering required, which phases?
      • Turbine or Positive Displacement-type
      • Totalizers
    • SCADA system option? System preference?
    • Fuel Gas scrubber or Instrument air from off-skid?
    • Heat Tracing on fuel Gas piping outside vessel/house? (electric or glycol)
    • Burner Management system required
    • Level Controllers, Fisher, Norriseal, Kimray,  Mallard, other
    • Liquid Control Valves, Fisher, Norriseal, Kimray, other
    • Level Gauges, brand preference
    • Drain headers
    • Other

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