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Is your shipper shutting in your site due to Reid Vapour Pressure (also addressed as Total Vapour Pressure by some shippers) allowances? OilPro distributes this unique, patented, proven product with up to three solutions in one tool:

Vapour Removal
Oil skimming
Fire Suppression

One, two or all three functions can be fitted to new or existing tanks, including floating roof systems.

Rather than using a tank inlet low down on the tank, which traps vapours under a static column (until released during shipping), the Xtreme Technologies Tool (XTT) fills tanks at the fluid surface, where the tool immediately releases vapours..


At the surface they’re immediately captured by the VRU connection on the same floating tool. We recover up to 18% more vapour by drawing close to the surface, a richer content portion of the stream. This increases revenues if you resell the gas, but also ensures we capture high BTU vapour, not just the light ends traditional VRU connections collect from the top of the tank.

Traditional VRU connection

Drawing vapours from top renders only lightest ends of the gas spectrum

Optimized vapour removal:
Removes emissions AND enhances producers’ bottom line:
– reduced treater temperatures
– improved vapour recovery
– solves RVP issues
– increases net volume of captured gas (up to 18%)
– increases tank life by removing H2S and slowing corrosion

XTT removes vapours as they release from incoming oil

XTT allows incoming oil to release without static head, releasing free gas immediately.


Oil Skimming:
Ensures only the cleanest oil ships.


Fire Suppression:

Increases safety, reduces damage and downtime.

Detects and extinguishes in 15-20 seconds, faster than you can call the fire department, and without exposing personnel to danger.

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