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We’ve spoken in the past regarding some of the most popular uses for PowerGen’s reliable remote power from OilPro. Some of the most uses include:

  • Railway
  • Communications/signaling
  • Oil & gas

You can read an entire article in more detail on this subject called What Applications & Sectors Suits PowerGen? (Remote Power).

Below is a short video illustrating one such application for PowerGen. It shows how a PowerGen 5650 was used to power an evaporation tower with 3 HP fan, burner, 3 HP pump and controls.

This application is used to remove water from a frack line. Prior to this installtion, the operator had to transport the water for disposal but now they only have to dispose of the heavy brine in smaller volumes.

If you are looking for a “power pole in the middle of nowhere” or want to make power from available onsite combustible gas, contact OilPro.



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