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Qnergy PowerGen 5650 from OilPro on a skidOilPro is an authorized distributor for the PowerGen by Qnergy, the logical choice for cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-maintain remote power. While oil & gas applications are the widely adopted already, PowerGens already benefit these applications as well:

Specifically, PowerGen remote power is highly useful in the Railway, Communications/signaling and Oil & Gas sectors as we’ll see below:




-Cathodic protection


-Military signaling /communications applications

-Powering for telecommunication towers and BSC and MSC

-Emergency communications systems such as Coast Guard, remote airports

-Disaster Support (emergency power stations)

-support for SCADA for LAN networks in areas with poor cellular coverage

-Helicopter communications

Oil & Gas

-Vapour Recovery Units (VRU’s up to 5 HP)

-instrument air with CAP3 systems  (11 SCFM at skid edge + min/max 1,000/5650 W, 60-90 low bleed instruments per skid with compressors running 1/3 of the time in practise)

-Chemical pumps (electric and pneumatic) (10 gpm for 1,000-3,000′ or  2-5 gpm for 5,000′ well)

-SCADA/ Measurement/ equipment monitoring

-Security and surveillance and lighting

-Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

-Well pad automation

-Valve control

-Instrumentation, control and metering for pipelines and well-pads

-Load-following site and pipeline cathodic protection ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)


-Heat tracing with optional GHT system (1,500-2300’ glycol, up to 60,000 BTU and/or electrical heat tracing)


PowerGen is a fit for your operation when:

  • Continuous power (and/or heat) are critical to your operations and safety systems
  • Your power needs lie between 400 and 11,000 Watts
  • Solar alone may not be an option due to less solar gain, vandalism/theft of solar/batteries, or cost of transport of batteries
  • You tried hybrid conventional generators, or fuel cells and found reliability wanting
  • TEGS don’t deliver the Volts of Watts you require
  • Maintenance is expensive or difficult to achieve in short order
  • Total lifetime carbon footprint is a consideration
  • Total lifetime cost of ownership is important
  • Fuel consumption is a consideration
  • Process heat is critical in addition to power (i.e. flow line heat tracing, propane vaporization at low temperatures)
  • Access to fuelling/servicing for the site is sporadic

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