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We have been shipping the CAP3 M (externally accessible) instrument air compressor systems to Canadian sites. The “M” is the evolution from the CAP3 “F” (fully housed) instrument air system which also provides grid-quality electricity in 120 and 240 VAC single phase of 1,000+ Watts.

Both CAP3’s offer identical air and power delivery at skid edge at different price points.

This is not some subsidy-powered solar hybrid experiment paid for with your tax dollars; This actually works!

This is a commercial product with a known track record with full OilPro and Qnergy factory backing, CSA approval and a critically reliable service record in Canada and the USA.

The CAP3 M is entirely manufactured in Qnergy’s Ogden, UT factory where a scaled-up IA production line is geared up to provide predictable deliveries and pricing on an engineered, warrantied product.


The CAP3 M is the ideal remote power solution enabling clean energy technologies while offering critical power when and where it’s needed most powered by PowerGen.

Learn more about the CAP 3 systems by clicking here

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