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With many of the current emissions reduction incentives, remote sites are increasingly preferentially powered by solar with battery systems storing the gathered energy. Generators are there only to bridge the power gap during extended overcast or shorter days.

SOLARIS' pole-mounted adjustable solar panels optimize seasonal energy gathering.

SOLARIS modular panels and charging system grow as site needs grow.

Calgary’s OilPro and SCADALink jointly developed the SOLARIS product to be the best CSA-certified oilfield option for solar hybrid solutions.

SOLARIS is an acronym which stands for:

• Solar-powered
• Off-grid
• Low temperature
• Advanced
• Reliable
• Integrated
• System

SOLARIS offers the following

The SOLARIS 3000/4000/6000/12000 variants are a Hybrid Powered System designed to provide 24 VDC and/or 120 VAC power for critical Oil, Gas, Mining, and Telecommunications Applications. While you can choose from solar-powered options, SOLARIS offers a number of things that others can’t.

What we’ve done differently than our competitors:

  • Small insulated enclosure for smaller footprint and controlled temperature with gas or electric heating
  • Adaptable to any power generator running on any fuel
  • Adaptable to any autonomy requirement from 1 day to 3 weeks
  • Adaptable to any standby generator type with cold start capability, including the zero maintenance Qnergy PowerGen
  • Adaptable to whichever battery type fits the budget and service target, (Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lead Acid, AGM etc.)
  • Solar gathering capacity from 1 to 12 kW, conventional and/or bifacial solar panels
  • Battery capacity from a minimum autonomy amount to 1.6 kW with even more available in our modular design.
  • Solar panels can be placed at any angle for optimal snow shedding, light capture during low sun angles in Dec-Jan during longer days when the sun is higher.
  • Engineered and CSA-approved P.Eng. stamped turn key system.
  • Systems are stocked, available with short delivery.
  • Designed and manufactured in Alberta, Canada
  • Growth capacity is incorporated:
    • Solar systems, charging and battery systems are a modular design to enable adding capacity as requirements change, with the ability to minimize CSA recertification costs.
    • Remote data gathering package included with a full SCADA suite with web interface.
    • Records and stores trending of actual site energy use vs gathering capacity and autonomy and integrates reporting for GHG credit generation.
    • Includes alarm and notification functions
    • HMI for local control and full remotely accessible control system.
    • Allows optimized adjustment to balance autonomy periods vs generator run time vs budget

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