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SOLARIS from SCADALink and OilPro

Our heated SOLARIS enclosure combines robust oilfield design integrated with experienced engineering

During our recent trip to ADIPEC, it was evident the global energy industry is committed to reducing carbon emissions intensity per produced barrel.

We discussed a number of options OilPro offers with customers from all over the world and noted their interest.

One option we discussed at length is the gas to electric SOLARIS modular off-grid solar hybrid power system.

SOLARIS stands for

• Solar-powered

• Off-grid

• Low temperature

• Advanced

• Reliable

• Integrated

• System

The SOLARIS 3000 stands as a tailor-made to provide reliable DC (24 / 48 VDC) and AC (120 VAC) power for essential operations in remote sectors such as oil and gas, mining, and telecommunications. This system ensures uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep critical loads running.


Ready for swift deployment, the SOLARIS 3000 is a convenient, off-the-shelf solution, professionally assembled and tested. SOLARIS is designed to minimize the need for extensive on-site construction, a perfect fit for remote sites.


What Comprises the SOLARIS System?


1. The SOLARIS 3000 Skid, which houses the battery bank, solar charger, control electronics, and a backup generator.


2. Solar Power Array Subsystems.


3. SatSCADA Web Portal supporting equipment, providing the capability to monitor the critical power operation status at remote sites without hands-on operator involvement.


The SOLARIS 3000 Skid is housed in a robust 8′ L x 4′ W x 6′ H Skid, mounted on C6 Channel, and designed for piling or concrete foundation mounting..

SOLARIS solar panels can adjust for any solar gain angle seasonally

Canadian actuation innovation affords large pad operation with minimal power requirements.

SOLARIS Applications are Varied

The SOLARIS 3000 is ideal for applications where modular remote power is required:


-Oil and Gas Production

-Pipeline Valve and Measurement Sites

-Railway Signaling Systems

-Telecommunications Sites

-Remote Facilities

-Farms/ Livestock Production


The SOLARIS Offers Multiple Fuel Sources

The SOLARIS 3000 features a generator system designed to charge a modular battery bank when power demand is high or during months with reduced incoming solar radiation, like December through January.

This system automatically starts when required to uphold battery Voltage. SOLARIS 3000 offers flexibility with generator options, including Natural Gas, Diesel, and Gasoline powered units.

You can also remotely start and stop to to test generator operation with the SCADAlink package

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