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OilPro & H2E (How 2 Energy) teamed up to offer practical solutions to eliminate tank emissions while producing condensate that might otherwise be wastefully vented or flared. We also offer revenue generation through condensate re-sale or crude oil API gravity improvement through blending.

OilPro and H2E offer an eductor-based VRU.
Get paid for eliminating tank vent gas by:

-Recovering & selling condensate or improve oil API

-Receiving carbon credits to offset or trade

-Reducing emissions/ permit limits

-Cleaning fuel gas for power generation or utility

Two Options To Consider

We employ two proven methods:

1. Micro refrigeration units (Liquid Stripper)
2. Our “VaccuPress” venturi-based technology


The application is designed around typical flare-scale or tank vent gas liquids recovery. The remaining conditioned gas delivers a clean-burning flare or renders spec fuel gas to power generation equipment and onsite data mining operations (we can help with that too!)

Liquid Stripper Features and Benefits

The Liquid Stripper features:

• Minimal package footprint with use of special compact components

• Simple, durable refrigeration system serviceable by HVAC technicians.

• Refrigerant is safer than propane as a refrigerant, reducing on-site hazards.

• Purpose-built low temp separator (LTS) for improved separation of liquids.

• High grade component metallurgy for greater corrosion resistance.

• Available in 5, 10, 20 & 30HP with cost range from $100K to $400K

• Equipment payout is often <6 months, independent of emission reduction benefits (carbon credits, penalty avoidance, etc.)

If you have rich gas, we have a modular fit to dry and condition sales or fuel gas.

Venturi Process Benefits

LH is a vapor flare stack. RH flare is processed through Liquid Stripper.

An additional benefit of the venturi process is we can capture the exhaust gas from the compressor / genset and re-inject to disposal well for complete carbon capture at the facility.

We use disposal water as the motive fluid to entrain and compress gas. An example of a Bakken tank farm venting 300,000 SCF/d of 2,300 BTU/ft3 gas, achieved a condensate volume of ~ 70 Bbl/d + conditioned fuel gas for on-site power generation. Condensate trades at $~90% x WTI for immediate revenue & fast payout (often < 6 months)

Want to learn more?

Check out our dedicated Vapour Recovery Unit page for more information and to see our current inventory.

For further enhanced vapour recovery options from tanks upstream of the Liquid Stripper or VaccuPress, consider the XTT tool.

Sites vary, so contact us for a detailed quote & modelling for your asset at 403-215-3373 or by email at [email protected].


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