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Qnergy PowerGen 5650OilPro, as authorized Canadian Qnergy distributor, is pleased to share this landfill waste gas success story in Easton, Maryland. Clean, reliable electric power from waste gas is the holy grail. An engine with a maintenance-free design life of 80,000+ hrs makes that even more attractive.

This project is a Biogas-Landfill Methane Conversion Generator that can “transform up to 550 annual tons of CO2 equivalent of otherwise flared methane into useful energy.”

Click here for the press release announcing the project in more detail.

Landfill gas is difficult due to its gas composition. The Qnergy PowerGen combines a blower-assisted burner to achieve the cleanest possible combustion process from challenging gaseous fuel compositions at optimized Stoichometric balance while delivering useful, load-following power of up to 5,650 Watts.

Fuels with high CO2 content and up to 1,000 ppm H2S can be accommodated and are proven successful commercially already in Canada.

OilPro has been involved in landfill projects for a number of years now, such as the custom Stainless Steel exchanger seen on the attached photos.

Recent OilPro PowerGen installations

Here are a few recent examples of projects that OilPro has recently completed:

  • Biogas (Horse Lake First Nation Algae to fuel with carbon-negative net)
  • Landfill waste gas-to-power
  • Commercial/ industrial power for the energy industry (many Canadian wellsites, pipeline cathodics, instrument & control power and converting gas pneumatics to instrument air since 2017).

Custom Stainless Steel exchanger from OilPro.

We look forward to any inquiries your team has and can happily discuss your specific requirements.

If you need reliable and cost effective remote power, OilPro can help. PowerGen has -40° C/F cold start capable models so your coldest weather won’t be a concern.

Recover waste heat with PowerGen

One of the most prized features of the PowerGen is its micro CHP optional ability to recover waste heat for its Glycol Heat Trace (GHT) system, which allows up to 60,000 BTU/hr (17,500 W) of glycol tubing heat tracing to ensure reliable fuel gas system performance in Canada’s challenging winter climate. With the GHT loop, freeze ups in fuel gas lines caused by paraffin clouding or condensation become a thing of the past in combination with critical power availability.

The Glycol Heat Trace loop recovers waste heat from the engine and exhaust and turns it into a programmable return temperature loop of up to 1500′ for your wellsite heat tracing or heating needs. Energy is conserved and put to work to ensure reliable fuel gas availability to critical site components on the coldest days.

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