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Flare Knockout Drums

Flare knockout drums, or FKO's for knocking out any liquids upstream of a flarestack, are stocked in sizes ranging from five through 100 barrels. Pressures ranges include atmospheric and ASME code, ABSA -certified vessels. OilPro draws stock from a variety of sources in order to offer the best value available at any time. Scroll below for what's available.

When you absolutely want the best options, think about OilPro's new stock 50# MOP, CRN'd, low temp, sour-ready offerings in 25, 50, 75 and 100 Bbl sizes compliant to most in-house spec.

These are inexpensive and can be packaged for sweet service to be a viable alternative to secondary contained atmospheric options.while maintaining easy accessibility and design flexibility.



  • BC, AB, SK, MB CRN
  • Bi-directional
  • Over-sized In & Outlet
  • Multiple packaging options
    • Designed so it can sit on saddles, eliminating skid and house if desired for huge cost savings.
  • All-flanged design
    • Can easily accommodate less expensive threaded, blind-flanged instruments to save money.
  • Controls can be in lean-to save money and civil engineering and piling costs.
  • Vessel-mounted lift lugs for easy handling of entire package
  • Purge gas connection on vessel
  • Anode connection is standard
    • as FKOD's frequently see stagnant fluids anode use is strongly recommended.
  • Saddles tall enough for under-vessel pump mounting

Design Considerations:

  • Removable internals
    • Deflector can be switched
    • no obstructions if required
    • Easy to coat
  • Standard design is sour & low temperature:
    • Post Weld Heat Treated
    • 1/8” corrosion allowance
    • T-1
    • Impact tested
    • 50 psig @ -50F to +100F
  • Budget Packaging:
    • Flanges can be blind-tapped
    • Controls can be stab-in
  • Optional Package components:
    • Flanged instruments and controls
    • Cage connections for
    • Pump controls
    • High Level Shut-downs
    • Gauge glass
    • Shut-downs
  • Top mount LIT connection available
    • Internally flanged
    • Stilling well can be Carbon  Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, ABS, PVC.


  • Over-sized In & Outlet
  • 20” manway is stock
  • 24” option available as custom
  • Large drain
    • Includes vortex breaker
  • Vessel connections available on each unit:
    • High Level Shutdown
    • Low Level Shutdown
    • Level Transmitter
    • Pump start
    • Pump stop
    • Two Level Gauge connections
    • Gas Blanket connection
    • Anode connection
  • Cage connections duplicate any of above


FKOD-36x84-H-SWEET-10BBL-50#-SKonly PKG (FKOD-3050)

Flare Knockout Drum, 3' x 7', Sweet Service, 10 Bbl capacity, 50 psi Design Pressure, internally coated, SK Reg'd.

Product Details

FKOD-48x10-H-SOUR-25BBL-50#-BLT TO ORDER (FKOD-3061)

OilPro's stock design sour 10 Bbl, 50#, multi-configurable FKOD

Product Details


FKOD-48x10-H-SWEET-25BBL-50#-SK (FKOD-3057)

Flare Knockout Drum, 4' x 10', Sweet Service, 25 Bbl capacity, 50 psi Design Pressure, SK Reg'd.

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OilPro's stock FKOD line features:
BC, AB, SK, MB Canadian Registration in place
Can be configured with or without a skid
Containment tray is integral to design
Over […]

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FKOD-72x20-H-100BBL-50#-OILPRO STD [V1246]

72" x 20' S/S Horizontal 100 BBL FKOD Vessel

Product Details


Originally built for Pembina Pipelines for underground service
To be custom packaged with quick delivery for above-ground service or left as is.


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FKOD-96x10-H-SOUR-100BBL-58PSI-PKG (FKOD-3123)


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