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Innopipe from OilPro is a patented, proven technology that provides inline gas transmission liquids removal. Piggable and non-piggable versions are available in sizes ranging from 1″ through to 60″. Innopipe also provides slug management systems that integrate with Innopipe drip and pipeline systems.

The Innopipe Piggable Drip design eliminates the need to reduce the flow rate of the primary gas flow and the result is significant savings in piping and vessel size requirements. The design is also easily piggable when the secondary flow is interrupted and is fully bi-directional.

The Innopipe Piggable Drip has the potential to become the standard liquids separation removal device for the Natural Gas Industry as a transmission pipeline drip and offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional well stream separators. The Innopipe Piggable Drip design represents a significant milestone in applied liquids separation technology for natural gas producers, pipeline and compressor station operators.

The Innopipe Piggable Drip has two parts:

  • Flow separator
  • Collection reservoir

Watch the short video below for a visual description of how it works.

How Innopipe works

The flow separator is comprised of a pipe the same size as the natural gas line pipe surrounded by a shell to form an annular chamber. The annular chamber is divided into two halves by a pressure tight baffle and each as an inlet/outlet through slotted apertures. The slots are barred to provide support for pigging tools.

As the inlet to the flow separator the natural gas stream gas is separated into two streams:

1. A primary flow that continues down the internal pipe of the separator, and;

2. A secondary flow of gas containing all the liquids in annular flow being drawn into annular the chamber. 

The secondary flow rate in the annular chamber is approximately 5% of the flow rate of primary gas stream and is directed through the separator outlet nozzle to the inlet of the collection reservoir. The 5% secondary flow rate ensures that all liquids time to settle out with gravity assistance. 

To ensure complete liquid drop out, the reservoir is sized to reduce the velocity to approximately 5% of the primary gas velocity. This reduction in velocity is only realized with conventional separation technology in a vessel 5X the diameter of the pipeline, expensive and not piggable. 

The now dry secondary stream exits through the collection reservoir nozzle to the separator inlet nozzle. The secondary stream is combined with the primary stream at the downstream slotted aperture. The secondary flow through the reservoir piping is maintained by the low-pressure venturi created by the primary flow at the downstream edge of the aperture. The liquids collected in the reservoir are periodically removed through the blow off piping to an above grade low pressure tank. 

Pigging ability is easily achieved by installing isolation valving between the flow separator and the collection reservoir. These valves are sized for only 5% of the maximum pipeline gas flow rate and are typically only 1/6 of the NPS size that would be required to isolate the reservoir of a traditional drip or a conventional separator.  Closing the valves interrupts the secondary flow and 100% of the gas stream travels through the center pipe of the flow separator. 

The pressure propelling the pig is not allowed to bypass and a pressure differential is not required. After the pig runs is complete, the isolation valves are opened for normal operation. The isolation valving can also be used to clean the reservoir off line.

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