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CAP3nano from Qnergy and OilPro

The new CAP3nano Compressed Air Pneumatics from Qnergy and OilPro is the latest innovation offering high-powered and efficient air pneumatics that prevents methane emissions normally associated with pneumatic devices from being released.   

When paired with Qnergy’s PowerGen also from OilPro, you have the efficient, powerful and environmentally remote power solution you’ve been looking for delivering up to 3,000 Watts of power.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider it and why it’s perfect for the harsh winters experienced in Canada.

What CAP3 Nano offers:

  • Up to 3 SCFM continuous dry air output at up to 140 psi
  • Auxiliary grid-quality output power at 3000W+
  • Low maintenance robust dual redundant compressors
  • Integrated air dryer
  • HMI for local data review and control
  • Prevents “wet gas” from damaging pneumatic controls
  • Air flow measurement for mitigation reporting
  • Eligible for emissions off-setting carbon credits
  • SmartView remote monitoring of the PowerGen driver on these systems
  • Can also be grid connected or powered by other backup power sources

Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP3)

Advantages of the PowerGen CAP3 Nano

The PowerGen CAP3 offers a number of other advantages:

  • The PowerGen is powered by Qnergy’s Stirling external combustion engine with exceptionally long maintenance intervals.
  • The PowerGen operates using natural gas, propane, ethane or biogas. Your choice. No need for tanked fuel or catalytic heating.
  • A maintenance-free engine with no oil changes, filter change or factory rebuilds needed. No unnecessary and costly downtime.
  • A direct AC compressor that eliminates the need for a battery bank. The generator eliminates destructive deep discharge cycles on the battery, preventing accelerated ageing. 

Perfect for the Canadian climate

A remote power solution has to work 24/7 in all weather conditions but you don’t want to find out the hard way when it drops to -40°C that your chosen option can’t handle the cold, shuts down, or it operates at a far lower efficiency when it’s really cold.

Internal combustion engines drop in fuel efficiency and suffer more wear due to long lubricant warm up time. Research has shown that even a reasonable (by Canadian standards) winter temperature of 0 °C can increase fuel usage by 13.5%!

The opposite is true for Stirling engines, which, as a heat-difference engine, improve in efficiency the colder it gets.

A 1200 Watt PowerGen generator consumes magnitudes less propane than a 500 Watt TEG does. While a TEG can consume about 76 liters per day, the PowerGen unit uses fewer than 27 liters. Colder weather tends to have a negative impact on how Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) perform as far as fuel efficiency is concerned but not the PowerGen.

With the Stirling-powered PowerGen, the opposite is true: The PowerGen will actually operate more efficiently in colder weather given that the Stirling is an external combustion engine.

Can other competing options say the same?

PowerGen models also have the lowest cost/Watt of any competing remote critical power system. Combine that with the additional heat recovery and proven trouble-free extra low temperature operation capability and PowerGen can’t be beat.

PowerGens are perfect for the harsh and variable Canadian environment.

Can other competing options say the same thing?

CAP3Nano summary

The CAP3 Nano package costs between $80,000 and $90,000 which makes it very affordable if you’re in the market for a remote energy solution that is not only cost effective but reliable, powerful and better for the environment than pneumatic devices powered by pressurized natural gas.   

And it’ll operate with less downtime and cause less downtime due to a continuously dry stream of reliably available dry air, eliminating frozen or plugged fuel gas pneumatics altogether.

Ready to learn more about how the CAP3nano can help you generate more electricity with less air and lower costs?

Call us directly at 403 215 3373 or contact us by email at [email protected] for more details.




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