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Salt water Disposal systems are known for the static charges that can build in these facilities. Primarily this is due to the materials used to make such tanks corrosion resistant, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (a.k.a. “fiberglass tanks”.

Water builds 5.5x more static than crude oil or finished product. This can lead to dangerous situations involving tank fires and thus, is a topic that tank owners need to be aware of and account for.

While a desalter might be used to remove salt from crude oil, the risk of a fire within the tank still exists due to a number of different factors (accident, lightning strike, explosion, etc) that you also need to account for.

The Xtreme Tank Tool (XTT) from OilPro can help.

It’s a multi-purpose tool that offers tank owners vapour removal, oil skimming and fire suppression functionality in one application.

XTT tool offers vapour removal, oil skimming, and fire suppression benefits

The XTT tool grounds the liquids in the tank. The tool is 316 stainless steel and runs the full length of the tank liquid levels.

XTT runs inside tank to constantly remove all oils from the top level. XTT reduces the requirement to hire a vacuum truck to pull the oil from the tank’s top thief hatch.

Once the oils are removed, the emissions of gas will deplete, and can now use the vapour line to inject nitrogen. The tank then benefits from a constant nitrogen purge which keeps oxygen and any menial gases from accumulating rendering the atmosphere inside the tank inert.

Hydrocarbons will be removed which places the saltwater disposal in the perfect condition to handle mechanical, static or lightning as well as other situations that may occur.


XTT combines functions such as skimming, VRU take-off, riser line, and fire suppression in one tool.

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