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Is Salt Water Disposal A Problem For You (Resolved)

According to the United States Geological Survey, refining a single barrel of oil requires 1,850 gallons of water on average.

Whether you call it salt water, oilfield brine or produced water, it’s a concern especially when it comes to disposal. Then there’s the safety component which we’ll discuss below.

How do you deal with this water and turn it into disposal quality water?

Water disposal and static charges

Water Disposal systems are known for the static charge that builds in these facilities.

This is in large part due to such tanks frequently being made of materials which build up static charges, such as FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic a.k.a. “fiberglass tanks”.

Water builds 5-1/2 times more static than crude oil or finished product does.

The question is…What can you do to deal with it safely and efficiently?

Introducing The Xtreme Tank Tool From OilPro

XTT tools ground the liquids in the tank. The tool is 316 stainless steel and runs the full length of the tank liquid levels, and connects to a proper ground.

XTT runs inside tank to constantly remove clean oil from the top level. Once the oils are removed, gas emissions are minimal to none.

The tool grounds the liquid inside the otherwise electrically insulated FRP tank to mitigate static and also provide a ground in case of lightning with the added benefit of offering any of the tool’s other capabilities:

  1. skimming
  2. vru take-off
  3. release of fluids at atmospheric pressure at liquid level to allow gas breakout
  4. fire suppression

Of course the Freedom Tool installs in welded API 650 and API 12F as well as bolted API 12B tanks also.

Contact OilPro to learn more about water disposal options

Contact OilPro directly at 403-215-3373 or by email at [email protected] to learn more about water disposal options and the XTT tool specifically. 



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