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We are pleased to exhibit at the International Pipeline Expo 2022, Sept. 27-29.

Visit OilPro at booth 2015. (free pass info below)

OilPro will feature the following products:

1. www.innopipe.com provides:

• Compressor protection

• River crossings and low points 

Liquid removal upstream of ultrasonic flow meters 

• General Pipeline liquid removal 

• Slug control and management 

• Cavern storage liquid removal 

• Compressor lube oil removal 

• Production separators 

• Black powder prevention/reduction

Innopipe burial underground

The Innopipe separator comes in piggable or non-piggable form and replaces conventional separation equipment at a fraction of the cost, faster.

2. https://oilpro.ca/product/powergen/ provides:

PowerGen Stirling Engines by Qnergy deliver more power & reliability than TEGs or fuel cells, and costs less/Watt in the 300-11,000 Watt range.

OilPro distributes and services the PowerGen since CSA/Intertek approval in 2017. 

PowerGen delivers immediate reliable power and is environmentally friendly with efficient fuel use and micro Combined Heat and Power capability.

Qnergy CAP3M from OilPro

The PowerGen provides critical power availability for remote pipeline and oil and gas production. It runs on any combustible gas fuel It’s the equivalent to a power pole anywhere you need it.


3. Xtreme Tank Technologies:

The XTT tank tool is a design for accomplishing total carbon capture in API storage tanks. 

Xtreme Tank Tool holds patents since the 1990’s. 

Originally created for a single purpose, it now provides up to several solutions in one tool: 

A. Vapour Removal

B. Oil skimming

C. Inlet fluid de-gassing at fluid surface

D. Fire Suppression.

More info on our blog:

RVP Mitigation, Skimming and Fire Suppression in one Tool

XTT's tool removes gas vapours from the liquid level

XTT combines functions such as skimming, VRU take-off, riser line, and fire suppression in one tool.

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