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OilPro is an authorized distributor for PowerGen by Qnergy in Canada.


The PowerGen provides 240VAC to run a duplex 3 HP, 8.8 CFM (total before dryer purging) oilless air compressor combination, as well as a 120VAC output for battery backup system charging for the rest of the wellsite.

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The IA system not only reduces vented hydrocarbon volumes, but also greatly increases reliability at site due to the elimination of pneumatic line freeze-ups.

Surplus power goes to SCADA, Radio, injection pumps, lights, electric heat tracing on site.

When equipped with the GHT (Glycol Heat Tracing System), the overall package efficiency gets boosted from 30% efficiency to up 70%+ as waste glycol heat is recovered for on-site glycol heat tracing.

This GHT is programmable to deliver up to 60,000 BTU/hr @ 40 deg. C return temperatures on an up to 1,500′ loop. This has greatly increased reliability at many wellsites previously relying on older catalytic/pneumatic pump systems not capable of reaching such reliable temperatures and with much greater environmental footprints.

Best of all, the PowerGen requires no special fuel. As long as the fuel gas is free of liquids, and combustible (even up to 1,000 ppm H2S is acceptable), we can provide on site critical power.

Who should consider such systems?

British Columbia producers qualify for immediate refunds for mitigation of GHT emissions.

Alberta producers can aggregate facilities into the TIER program to mitigate Canadian Federal Fuel Taxes effective January 2020, as TIER gives producers incentives to reduce 10% below baselines.

Replacing pneumatics relying on un-burned hydrocarbons with a no more than 4,000 SCFM/d fuel consumption (this is the max.

Higher BTU content fuels will require less to run the PowerGen at full output)  for the PowerGen is an up to 24x reduction in GHG effect.

More details here:

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