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The most important aspects of a remote power option are that it is reliable, works 24/7, requires little to no maintenance, is cost effective, is environmentally friendly and provides the power that you need when you need it regardless of local weather conditions.

That’s quite a list.

How many remote power options are left for consideration once these and other factors are considered?

If you’re looking for a remote power option that offers all of this in addition to giving you plenty of fuel options to consider, PowerGen should be in your sights.

Canada’s rapidly variable climate demand your chosen remote power option should be able to handle a broad range of temperatures, precipitation and fuel gas compositions.

Below are 5 others it should also have:

Here are five quick facts regarding Qnergy PowerGen from OilPro that you should know about:

  • Most affordable low service, remote power option on the market in the 600-5650 Watt range.
  • Simple one hour inspection per year.
  • Can be monitored and operated remotely.
  • Engine operates non-stop for many years, even longer when used intermittently on hybridized systems.
  • Emission permits are not required in most jurisdictions due to near-negligible emissions.

What makes PowerGen your remote power solution?How does PowerGen do it?

Zero pneumatics emissions are achieved with the use of Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP3), an air solution that was designed to displace the methane emission typically associated with pneumatic devices.

Whether you experience frigid cold winters or sunny hot summers or anything in between, Qnergy PowerGen from OilPro can work for you. We offer all weather enclosures with either external access or walk-in capabilities.

Check out the short video from Qnergy by clicking the Learn more button below to see an overview of PowerGen and in particular how it can be configured regardless of your local weather conditions.



Give OilPro a call at 403-215-3373 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about Qnergy PowerGen from OilPro. We can also help you learn more about CAP3, too.


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