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The Government of Canada has extended the Emissions Reduction Fund – Onshore Program by one year. The program is worth $675 million to help Canadian oil and gas firms reduce their methane emissions which according to Government stats, produces 43% of the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The high level purpose of the program?

From the official Government release:

“The $675M Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) – Onshore Program is helping Canadian onshore oil and gas companies invest in green solutions to continue their progress toward reducing methane emissions while facing the current economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic.”

Intake 3 of the ERF is open August 6th, 2021 until Jan 7th, 2022.

Intake 1 cut 3.1MT (674k cars equivalent) of methane emissions from MB, SK, AB and BC.

Available funding per company is now $50M. All funding will be allocated by March 31, 2023.

Key facts about the Emissions Reduction Fund


The ERF program features the following which is taken directly from the Government of Canada website:

Flexible financials:

  • Funding: $100,000 to $50 million
  • Up to 75 percent of total ERF funding and up to 90 percent stacking (other sources)
  • 5 year payback period after project completion
  • Multiple projects accepted per application
  • Enhanced networking with Clean Growth Collaboration Community

Program benefits:

  • Lower cost emissions reduction
  • Maintaining jobs
  • Deploying green solutions
  • Transitioning to a low carbon economy
  • Attracting investments
  • Increasing global competitiveness

Source: Government of Canada

How can OilPro help?

The PowerGen remote generator from Qnergy and OilPro offers cost effective reliable power with environmental benefits too. This is especially true when you compare it to traditional thermoelectric generators (TEGs).

From our dedicated PowerGen page:

“Together with Central Air Equipment in Calgary and OilPro’s first proactive BC customer, we built the first ever CAP3-F in Canada. The updated, streamlined CAP3-F design, now implemented by Qnergy’s applications team, provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution to reduce methane emissions while providing uninterrupted power and compressed air. We assists producers meet future regulations and reduce Ops/maintenance costs by over 50% and qualify early Alberta adopters for up to 8 years or credit payouts!”

Learn more now

OilPro provides practical total lifetime low carbon footprint solutions to field pneumatics. The PowerGen by Qnergy is an integral part in early adoption of 100% reliable power, heat and Instrument Air solutions, powering up to 32 wells and two separators with a single CAP3 skid.

Similarly the PowerGen is the favoured solution grid quality power for non-grid connected sites.

Call us at 1 403 215-3373 or email us at [email protected] to get started and not only take advantage of the Emissions Reduction Fund but reduce your company’s methane emissions at the same time.

Also, check out our article called What Is Your Carbon Footprint to learn about how to reduce it.



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