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OilPro pumpjack driver engine

We’ve already written in detail on interesting facts about the pumpjack including a short history and some of the important specifications about them.

We also have an older article from several years ago that is still relevant today that might interest you, describing how taking care of your pumpjack for the long term can pay dividends well into the future due to their long lifespan when properly maintained.

In this article, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that OilPro offers both new and used pumpjack engines which you can learn more about by visiting our dedicated pumpjack engines page. 

More specifically, we also provide new and used pumpjack engines to replace the ones your own pumpjacks have that might need replacement.

Pumpjacks will last when maintained properly

As we’ve written about in the past:

“Pumpjacks are designed, as per American Petroleum Institute (11e) specifications, to last 100,000 hours, or about eleven and a half years of continuous service. Those who own 1950’s era pumpjacks with virtually immaculate gearboxes, will tell you they can last a lot longer than specified. The secret: good old-fashioned maintenance!” 

We’ve seen evidence that used pumpjacks can sell for up to 85% of replacement value so clearly the money spent on maintaining them is well spent. 

Why consider a remanufactured pumpjack engine from OilPro?

At OilPro, we offer either field-run or completely remanufactured Arrow engines.

Why choose one over the other? 

Field-run engine – Less expensive, may run for some time, good interim measure, and will likely be a good rebuildable core when it quits. We don’t believe in painting a field run engine. You get what you get, but we won’t try to hide the fact that it’s used with a couple gallons of paint like some resellers do.

Remanufactured engine – Arrow engines are designed to be rebuilt. When the correct parts are used and the engine is completely dismantled and remanufactured to new specifications, it should last as long as new one until the next rebuild is required. Arrow engines are the most robust, torque-heavy engines suited specifically for driving high torque applications like pump jacks. 

Questions? Need a quote on a field-run or remanufactured pumpjack engine? Wondering why there is a global shortage of pumpjacks and how OilPro can help you source them?

Check out our dedicated engines page for more information. You can also call us directly at 403 215 3373 or contact us by email at [email protected] for more details. 



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