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Canada’s forward-thinking producers are installing Qnergy’s PowerGen systems on new and existing sites. They replace failing, older fuel cells and TEG product with the newer options now offered in the 600, 1200, 1800 and 5650 Watt systems OilPro stocks.


Because the PowerGen is built to last, setting a 14 year continuous runtime record on March 9th at NASA.

CAP (Compressed Air Pneumatics), in addition to the obvious benefits of switching to instrument air, eliminating wet gas issues, reduced maintenance and fewer wellsite shut-ins during cold spells offer higher payouts pre-2023 than after.

In Alberta, 1 Ton of displaced methane generates 25t CO2e. One SCFM of air corresponds to about 185 tCO2e/year.

Note: Ask about our new systems capable of up to 11 & 22 SCFM. Credits can be used to meet TIER obligations or sold on the open market. 2020 Carbon price is $30 (credits have been selling for around $25), and the Federal carbon price is forecast to increase to $40 in 2021 and $50 in 2022. Incentives for early adopters mean faster payouts than those who catch up by 2023.

In BC companies can apply for up to 50% capital cost reimbursement under the CGIRP (Clean Growth Infrastructure Program, in the form of royalty reductions when applying methane reducing systems such as the CAP3 systems.

Federally a $750 Million Emission Reduction Fund focused on Methane venting reduction was announced.

Advantage: Our Customers

We have several small, medium and large producers in the process of full-scale implementation of quiet, reliable, efficient, high-duty cycle direct driven scroll-type compressed air solutions. We use a very small volume of natural gas for the PowerGen which in turn provides ample dry instrument air for key pneumatic systems as well as backup electrical power for on-site electrical instruments, controls and backup battery charging.

Did we mention the PowerGen’s ability to provide an easy 1,500′ of programmable temperature glycol heat tracing to keep all the rich wet gas flowing in any weather?

Our new CAP3 systems also offer an HMI panel for easy operation and ModBus integration with onsite monitoring systems.

Advantage: PowerGen

PowerGen compared to internal combustion systems

  • PowerGen allows load following, with excellent turn-down and fuel savings.
  • PowerGens have 100,000 hr designed service life vs a typical 15,000 hrs.
  • PowerGens can cold start in -40°C.
  • PowerGens can run on unprocessed liquid-free gas vs. commercial grade fuel.
  • PowerGens don’t have “wet stacking” problems.
  • Packaging and maintaining ICE systems costs money. They need:
    • Oil changes,
    • A temperature controlled environment,
    • Additional heaters,
    • Special fuel conditioning.

PowerGen compared to ThermoElectric Generators (TEG);

  • PowerGen fuel consumption is dramatically lower/Watt.
  • PowerGen 10 year Total Cost of Ownership is much lower also.

PowerGen compared to fuel cells; 

  • Our smallest, 600 W PowerGen’s 10 year Cost of Ownership is just over half that of a 330 Watt fuel cell system using propane as fuel, but
  • Less than 1/3rd when run on wellhead gas.
  • Numbers get better with the larger units available in up to 5650 and 11,000 Watt Duplex systems.

And if you’d like to learn more about PowerGen’s free piston Stirling engine, click here for a discussion of benefits.

How much do producers like PowerGen systems?

Qnergy customers like the PowerGen and the CAP3 evolution so much, they invested $10 million US in the company!

OGCI Climate Investments is a $1B+ fund that invests in solutions to decarbonize sectors like oil and gas, industrials and commercial transport. This development ensures a continued investment in innovation, but also assures producers that the CAP3 systems will receive operations support for years to come.

“The potential mitigation from switching methane pneumatics to CAP3 air pneumatics is estimated to be as much as 1 million tCO2e by 2029, the equivalent of taking over 2.1 million cars off the road.

Contact OilPro to learn more about PowerGen

Qnergy PowerGen from OilPro is available in CAP3-F, CAP3-M and CAP3-Nano configurations.

Call Canadian PowerGen distributor and experienced CAP3 packager OilPro at 403 215-3373, or e-mail [email protected] for brochures of the CAP3 and the other Stirling engine solutions, or visit our dedicated PowerGen page.


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